Promokit Support Promokit Support Alysum: Recently opened tasks 2018-07-20T07:18:52Z FS#12585: Modify contact page 2018-07-20T07:18:52Z 2018-07-20T07:18:52Z

Hello, i want to customize my contact page in Alysum theme for Prestashop 1.7

- How do i change map location? Is possible to add more store locators on the map?

- How can i change this section (

I want to know where located hook code to change this section (

Thanks in advance

fernando salas
FS#12584: Facebook messenger Offline 2018-07-19T20:05:50Z 2018-07-19T20:05:50Z

I set up Facebook chat plugin and does not appear. What is the problem?

Pascovski Victor
FS#12583: Infinite Scroll Stocked 2018-07-19T20:03:52Z 2018-07-19T20:03:52Z

What is the problem?
Please help us!

Pascovski Victor
FS#12582: Facebook Login Button 2018-07-19T18:39:30Z 2018-07-19T18:39:30Z


Please, Help me with Facebook sign-in button, because it does not appear.

Pascovski Victor
FS#12581: Logo bad quality 2018-07-19T18:38:11Z 2018-07-19T18:38:11Z


How do I solve the problem with the logo quality? Import the logo in maximum quality (Png) and compress it on JPG Format.

Thank you.

Pascovski Victor
FS#12580: Alysum menu 2018-07-19T17:48:13Z 2018-07-19T17:48:13Z

Hi Marek,

I have a trouble with menu layout on different screen resolutions.
Please check attached file.
I use html block and add some “display:inline-block” in the code, the menu result is not responsive.

Would you help?

FS#12579: Instagram feed does not appear in home page 2018-07-19T16:06:29Z 2018-07-19T16:06:29Z

we have set instagram feed and everything seems ok.
But it does not appear on the home page.
Thanks for support

Elav Web

Elav Web
FS#12578: PROBLEM MAIN MENU 2018-07-19T13:44:48Z 2018-07-19T13:44:48Z

The menu is not loaded well.
I attach a photo

Berenguer VerdĂș
FS#12577: theme translation problem 2018-07-19T12:31:41Z 2018-07-19T12:31:41Z

I want to translate something in Asylum to polish and can’t access BO>International>Translations. I receive error shown in attached image. Can you help?

Art Haegenbarth
FS#12576: Shortcodes on Pagebuilder doesn't exist/work 2018-07-19T10:49:40Z 2018-07-19T10:49:40Z


It seems that shortcodes on Pagebuilder doesn’t exist/work. How can I put widgets in CMS?

I use PS (no custom modifications) and alysum v.5.2.1 (downloaded May 9).


Krzysztof Ociepa