Promokit Support Promokit SupportAlysum: Recently opened tasks 2019-04-24T17:46:54Z FS#14324: menu mobile 2019-04-24T17:46:54Z 2019-04-24T17:46:54Z

Good afternoon, we have detected that the menu in our mobile version, looks blank and without options. I see that there are more users with the same problem, could you check this?

Alonso Damian
FS#14323: Menu Structure 2019-04-24T13:38:24Z 2019-04-24T13:38:24Z

Hi, is there a way of creating a block in the menu with 1 top level category and multiple sub menus on in different colouns ?

please see TROUT FLIES in menu here

the sub categories are all under TROUT FLIES

FS#14322: 500 Server error 2019-04-24T12:45:10Z 2019-04-24T12:45:10Z

When i click on a top level menu item see “menu item 01” then click “trout flies”

FS#14321: reference under title 2019-04-24T11:50:24Z 2019-04-24T11:50:24Z

I want the reference to appear on the product sheet under the title

jorge gn
FS#14320: 500 Server error 2019-04-24T11:48:43Z 2019-04-24T11:48:43Z

back office seems fine but i get error 500 when loading live site

FS#14319: two column products in mobile version 2019-04-24T11:48:28Z 2019-04-24T11:48:28Z

I want the mobile version to see two columns of products and not one as it appears now

jorge gn
FS#14318: Language selector 2019-04-24T11:35:37Z 2019-04-24T11:35:37Z

Hi Marek!

I dont like the way it shows the language selector on mobile. I want to move the language selector from the top bar to the middle (same of the logo and the search bar) or maybe change the position on mobile (above the text).


Brian Fuks
FS#14316: Customize header 2019-04-24T05:32:55Z 2019-04-24T05:32:55Z

Is it possible for the contact information just below my site’s logo to be moved to the middle of the page and have smaller text? Trying to have more page showing above the fold as I want to add Revolution slider.

FS#14315: Clickable titles in menu 2019-04-24T05:31:20Z 2019-04-24T05:31:20Z

Is it possible to make the titles in a submenu clickable? - menu Shop - drop down shows categories - each category shows subcategories but the main category is a title and it is not clickable.
EG - shows image, then text “Patterns” then shows subcategories “Patterns by Designer”, “Books”, and Patterns by Technique”. I’d like the title “Patterns” to be clickable and go to the full Patterns (parent category).

FS#14312: Translate de cookie message 2019-04-23T15:23:23Z 2019-04-23T15:23:23Z

Hello, i need to know how i can change the cookie bar information text to spanish.
I can not find it in the prestashop translations

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