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Hi Marek

in this  FS#11084  ticket from 08 December i told you
i had problem with hoki features plugin you solved the
issue by editing the hoki-features.php and it worked
But now i noticed that the hoki featured disappeared.
and i can not use the features nor can i go to
Category settings and change Product Columns number option.

Thanks in advance

George Efthymiou
FS#10432: Hoki maintenance mode + curency block 2017-12-29T10:29:41Z 2017-05-26T19:07:27Z

Hello. When I start with maintenance mode - Im reciving this:

Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, class ‘pkMaintenanceMode’ does not have a method ‘maintenance’ in /usr/home/ksz4321/domains/ on line 298

And in incognito mode Im reciving 502 error

In currency value - when i move cursor to the currency - website start to be not responsive. File about this problem included

FS#10696: Menu query 2017-12-29T10:29:19Z 2017-08-27T05:50:36Z

Please see screenshot for my question

Michael Ricketts
FS#10759: Max Mega Menu 2017-12-29T10:29:05Z 2017-09-05T13:04:14Z

I put them as the 3 columns on the Max Mega Menu and it still goes across as 6

Aaron Griver
FS#10782: Problem with Login With Ajax 2017-12-29T10:19:48Z 2017-09-12T14:29:18Z

I have a little problem.
When I try to chose Register in Login With Ajax nothing changes.
From the demo of your theme I see that the form under this menu would be changed by the selection of “Login” or “Register”.
It doesn’t work. I run 7.0.20 version of PHP.
How can I resolve it?

FS#10882: Widget with brand Plugin 2017-12-29T10:18:50Z 2017-10-02T23:12:52Z

Hi Marek! Long time no talk.

Hope everything is alright.

I was wondering if you could help me out with a customization for a plugin I have installed that helps me divide product by brand.

The thing is I have a the PWB (perfect woocommerce brands) plugin and I am showing it on my right side widget so people can shop by brand. But the list is long and the widget just goes down way further than where the actual content of the page ends. So it looks really messy. I would maybe like a carrousel or something similar.

Here is a link where you can find an example of the right side widget: Im also sending a screen shot.

Hope you can help me out.

Thank you so much,

FS#11017: dropdown menu in responsive 2017-12-29T10:18:36Z 2017-11-02T09:26:30Z


in mobiles, when you use menu, the submenus dont work. Only have one submenu in “menstruacion” item.

here, you can see it

What can i do? thank you so much.

FS#11023: Isotope 2017-12-29T10:18:29Z 2017-11-03T08:28:39Z

Hi i am using Isotope in my front page and i want if possible to have 8 products in each section and in the all section
display 8 products and have a load more button.

Thanks in advance

George Efthymiou
FS#11084: Variable product 2017-12-29T10:18:19Z 2017-11-14T14:02:43Z


I am having 2 variable products and

in the first one my variables are in greek and the console throws this error
‘woocommerce.js?ver=4.7.3:298 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘toLowerCase’ of undefined at Object.<anonymous> (woocommerce.js?ver=4.7.3:298)

in the second one that the variables are in latin works fine!

thanks in advance

George Efthymiou
FS#11170: Update Wordpress 4.9 2017-12-29T10:17:32Z 2017-11-28T22:30:02Z

The theme will not let me update to the new wordpress

here is the login to our hosting:

user: Solut404


Aaron Griver