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  • Status: Closed
  • Closed by: Marek (marek)
  • Closed on: 23.02.17, 11:24
  • Reason: Closed
  • Comment: Glad to help!

Ticket #10224 - Home page tittles overlapping

I have a problem with my homepage in the section of “shop by categories”, the tittles are overlapping.

How can i fix this? Would appreciate your help.


Capture.JPG (135.5 KiB)

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Marek (marek) 10 Feb 2017, 23:04

Hi Juan.
I can offer you to reduce the font size

Juan (j.s.rivera) 10 Feb 2017, 23:48

Hi Marek!

Thanks for your help once again. How can we do this?

Marek (marek) 10 Feb 2017, 23:49

try this:

body .woo_categories-container .plugin-title {
Juan (j.s.rivera) 11 Feb 2017, 00:08

Where do i change this code? And how do i change the title for “shop by categries”?

Juan (j.s.rivera) 11 Feb 2017, 00:36

I did it.
But how do i change the size of the font shown in the category boxes?

Marek (marek) 11 Feb 2017, 11:00

Try this:

body #page .cat_img_wrap .cat-title {
font-size:40px !important;
Juan (j.s.rivera) 12 Feb 2017, 01:07

Thank you.

Now i need to change the font. but it doesnt seem to change on hoki options. Where can do this?

Also need to change the title for “shop by categories”. You sent me instructions but dont know where to find the file you told me. Help?

Marek (marek) 12 Feb 2017, 10:48

1. Open the file plugins/hoki-features/extensions/woo_categories/woo_categories.php and find there “shop by categories” text to change it
2. To change font only for that title, you can use following CSS

body #page .cat_img_wrap .cat-title {
font-family:"YOUR FONT";

Or you can change that font for all text here: