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  • Closed on: 15.12.17, 12:21
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Ticket #11226 - Product summary add field

hello staff,
what’s the file that manage the cart summary?

i would like to add this


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mirko (mabdes) 07 Dec 2017, 00:32

also this part of the order confirmed,

can i edit the order of element, it's a prestashop option or customization of theme?

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Marek (marek) 07 Dec 2017, 11:20

1. Shopping cart file is /themes/alysum/modules/ps_shoppingcart/ps_shoppingcart.tpl
2. the sile is /themes/alysum/templates/checkout/_partials/order-confirmation-table.tpl

mirko (mabdes) 07 Dec 2017, 11:57

sorry man maybe the screenshot it's not clear:

i search > order confirmation > http://zoecosmetics.it/conferma-ordine?id_cart=43&id_module=159&id_order=15&key=b1c21cf4ebf9242b76e5b26fce5ce96f

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Marek (marek) 07 Dec 2017, 12:05

you can edit order confirmation page here /themes/alysum/templates/checkout/_partials/order-confirmation-table.tpl

mirko (mabdes) 07 Dec 2017, 13:05

ok, it's right
do you have a simple ready code to add a price without tax?

I have this:

i would like: price without tax

Marek (marek) 08 Dec 2017, 13:44

try {$subtotal|print_r} and see what's data is available there

mirko (mabdes) 08 Dec 2017, 13:53

ok work fine

This in screenshot, where i find in template?^

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Marek (marek) 09 Dec 2017, 13:02


mirko (mabdes) 09 Dec 2017, 14:40

i find this code in

in this block i would like to add a price without tax

<div class="cart-summary-line cart-total">
      <span class="label">{$cart.totals.total.label} {$cart.labels.tax_short}</span>
      <span class="value">{$cart.totals.total.value}</span>

if i add {$subtotal|print_r} i see the array code

mirko (mabdes) 09 Dec 2017, 14:48

i try to add same code in order-page box right

<div class="cart-summary-line"> 
      <small class="label">{$cart.totals.total.label} (Iva esclusa) {$value_tax_excl}</small>
      <h6 class="value">{$cart.totals.total.amount-$cart.subtotals.tax.amount}€ </h6>

i see one decimal after comma

Marek (marek) 10 Dec 2017, 11:41

I don't know how to change one decimal to two