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Ticket #11315 - A few questions about theme customization

Hi, I have a few questions, I’ll appreciate if you can help.

1. I get 404 error on modules/revsliderprestashop/views/css/rs-plugin/css/static-captions.css file. Revolution slider suggests editing and saving a slide to resolve this problem and I did it for every slide but not worked.
2. Lookbook slide option doesn’t work. it works like list.
3. I need pages (like CMS pages) for several purposes (like the one in your demo, for showing different home presets) and I need to hook rev sliders on them. Since cms pages are basic html pages I wanted to use lookbook page to hook a slider. Rev-slider can create hooks and inserting these hook tag to page templates would solve my issue but it doesn’t work. I put {hook h=”collection”} to lookbok tpl but it doesn’t work. How can I achieve that?
4. fullpageslider module page is not shown (like lookbok shown in the flex menu select options) as a page and other than home, how can I hook it to a page or use it as a separate page? is there a problem with that module?
5. I want to hook aw-showcase slider to brands page. I tried several transplanting but none has worked. is it possible to hook theme modules to category, brand or CMS pages?
6. I’ve read about manually cloning modules and instead of creating CMS pages, can I duplicate i.e lookbook module to create content-rich hookable pages?

thanks in advance, I was planning to use different home pages in the demo for different requirements but I figured that out using them at the same time is not the case so I’m trying to find workarounds for my needs. I also thought the “page builder” feature was for building new hookable pages (like apollo page builder or visual composer) but it turned out it’s not an actual builder.

This ticket does not depend on any other tickets.

mehmet (mehmet) 24 Dec 2017, 23:44

update; fixed 1st issue by deleting the slider and re-importing it by downloading it from the link you gave in the doc.

Marek (marek) 25 Dec 2017, 11:51

2. Do you mean this page? https://www.balunashop.com/en/module/pk_lookbook/lookbook 3.I just added a hook to the revsliderprestashop.php file, not it works

public function hookCollection(){
  return $this->generateSlider('collection');

4. fullpage slider works om home page only
5. Try the same fix like in #3
6. It really takes much time to clone modules. As for Page bulder, we are working to implement it as soon as possible http://www.prestabrain.com/best-prestashop-page-builder/

mehmet (mehmet) 25 Dec 2017, 21:24

2. yes, that page. Although I set lookbook view setting to "slider" in lookbook module configuration, it shows as list, not slider.
3,5. thanks, big time
4,6. That's fine if the page builder will be implemented soon. I can live with what I have right now. I see that the module you mentioned is free and I downloaded it to give a try but while uploading the module it says it's is not valid module. I think it's not compatible with current version.

Do you have a timeframe for the pagebuilder and facebook login fixes?


Marek (marek) 26 Dec 2017, 17:15

Sorry for the delay.
2. Because Slider option available for homepage only.
4. I want to start in the end of January.

mehmet (mehmet) 26 Dec 2017, 21:53

Hi, thanks looking forward for the improvements.

I did changed the ftp://[email protected]/public_html/themes/alysum/templates/catalog/brands.tpl in order to add rev-slider hook. right after I overwrote it everything was broken. I get a strange 500 error. I'm talking to hosting guys rightnow but there is no log whatsoever. it's a php server issue I guess. Do you have any idea? might overwriting caused the trouble?

mehmet (mehmet) 26 Dec 2017, 22:25

Hi again, pls ignore previous error. I didn't change the method name you gave before and I guess that was causing the error. Also rev-slider offers to add hooks like {hook h=”collection”} and I added the closing literal too as offered in a forum.


Marek (marek) 27 Dec 2017, 12:44