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Ticket #11330 - Various questions

Sorry about all these questions but I have some problems and issues with PS 1.7 and theme:

1- I cannot change this text from the home page. I am trying editing “Promokit Text Block” module with no results:


Quisque euismod pretium lacinia. Vivamus sollicitudin placerat sit amet sagittis. Mauris ac ante porta, pellentesque lacus.”

2. How can I disable “compare” option and rating stars options?

3. How can I add a contact form in footer as demo #1 provided? https://alysum5.promokit.eu/oldstyle/en/

4. Why is Popup Message module not showing any popup?

5. How can I add a newsletter form in the home page before footer?

website: http://mycollect.es/web19 back: http://mycollect.es/web19/admin657rja9c0 u:[email protected]

I apologize for all these questions. Once we are used to this theme will be better for future clients.

Thank you very much for your patience
Best regards

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Marek (marek) 28 Dec 2017, 11:38

Hi Nacho.
1. Make sure you have selected correct hook a save it before edit
2. Just disable "Compare" and "Comments" modules
3. Go to "Promokit Text Block", select "footer" hook and save. Then edit content. Please also make sure the module is transplanted to the footer hook
4. Try to reset popup module
5. Just transplant Newsletter module to the footer hook