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  • Priority: Medium
  • Status: Closed
  • Closed by: Marek (marek)
  • Closed on: 16.11.18, 19:18
  • Reason: Closed
  • Comment: Glad to help!

Ticket #11427 - 1.7 Category page custom

I’d like to know, on the category page
1) I would like to shrink size of products
2) how to configure the left part like on the demo ?

→ Filtered by (when I am on Collection → I can choose to filter by ‘Bijoux’; when I am on Bijoux → I can choose to filter by ‘Collection’)
Filtered by Price & colour

3) Remove feature video

This ticket does not depend on any other tickets.

Marek (marek) 16 Jan 2018, 10:40

Is the "theme" correctly selected? Do you request Customisation service?

caroline (elladabijoux) 16 Jan 2018, 14:23

Idk know, explain me what the differencies.
I thought → Alysum theme was for bugs and Customisation was for customisation matters (size, etc.) maybe I am wrong :) tell me

Marek (marek) 16 Jan 2018, 21:06

All is correct. I'l ask Alex to help you with that

Alex Support (Admin) 16 Jan 2018, 22:02

1) Show me please what do you want to change with the screenshot.
2) You just need to configure filters with the "Faceted search" module (instead of "Layered navigation" module for PS 1.6)
3) I've removed the pk_videobg module from the sidebar hook

caroline (elladabijoux) 17 Jan 2018, 11:23

1) Is now solved. I change the product images in apparences to be square. Then on the Alysum setting>Category page I change the coloumn number = 4
2) Thank you I started to edit a new filtre. The problem I can not figure is that I can filtre by under category (and it works) so when I am on 'Bijoux' I can select which kind of Bijoux I want (bijoux = jewelery) BUT in my dreams I could go to the Bracelet category of bijoux and select the collection (Paros, Santorin etc..) > Do you understand the point ? Is that somehow possible ?
2.B) I display the category filtre so there is 'ps_categorytree relative' that is kind of duplicate the informations (cf. screen) how could I delete ? 3) Thanks. I used to use this module in 1.6 website but now it's not available from Alysum settings > Home Page (But anyway I think it's can be done with the revslider). Keep in touch :)

Alex Support (Admin) 17 Jan 2018, 12:42

2) I think the easiest solution will be to add subcategories list in the category page
This is small modification will cost 10 euro (Prestashop 1.7 doesn't have the functionality to enable subcategories list).
2b) Just disable the module "category tree"

caroline (elladabijoux) 18 Jan 2018, 11:36

2) Hmm I am thinking about that (I did not understood everything) but anyway I may need your help for couple customs pages so you can make it more beautiful than I can ;) But I need more time to do the design so it's easier for you to make an estimation and we may include that.
2b) is OK ;)

Alex Support (Admin) 18 Jan 2018, 21:03

2) Here you can see the subcategories in the category

caroline (elladabijoux) 19 Jan 2018, 11:39

Hmmm if I understood well I could create something like this:


- Category
- - Accueil
- - - Bijoux
- - - - Bracelet (a)
- - - - (more)
- - - Collection
- - - - Santorin
- - - - - Bracelet (a)
- - - - - (more)
(a) is the same or not ?


Or is it more like this ?
- Category
- - Accueil
- - - Collection
- - - - Bijoux
- - - - - Bracelet
- - - - - (more)

Alex Support (Admin) 22 Jan 2018, 18:53

Yes you are right. You can try to create a few subcategories and test how is the best fits your needs ;) Sorry for late answer.

caroline (elladabijoux) 06 Feb 2018, 17:21

Sorry I am leting this pending I don't have time now to think about this :) :) NEXT STEP : We open the new website !! (I hope soon enough)