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Ticket #11585 - Product page: Related products, responsive version.


I´m using the template, Alysum > Demo #2 “Sequence” > prestashop .16x

Could you please help me to some features?

1.- Product page on responsive: How can I do to move “related products” to the footer on the responsive version?

2.- Homepage on responsive (attached image): How can I do to move “my account icon” to the top the responsive version?

Thank you for yoir help.

Image-1.jpg (74.7 KiB)

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Marek (marek) 07 Feb 2018, 12:07

Hi, Sam.
1. What's wrong with mobile version of your product page? I don't see the issue. Could you please take a screenshot?
2. That is a customisation issue, we will help you with that in your another issue