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Ticket #11760 - Image on over not works

In category page not works over effect.
Images not change when mouse go over image of product!

This ticket does not depend on any other tickets.

Marek (marek) 28 Feb 2018, 23:08

Please restore the file /themes/alysum/product-list.tpl which was changed a couple day ago
That is not theme issue, it's your customisation

Diego (aircrescio) 01 Mar 2018, 12:40

Nobody make that changes in this week! can you help me to understand the problem?

Marek (marek) 01 Mar 2018, 12:49

But I see the file has been changed on February 22. Please restore the version what was before

Diego (aircrescio) 01 Mar 2018, 12:58

Is very strange and I need understand how change and what!!! I don’t make any changes!

Marek (marek) 01 Mar 2018, 12:59

I also didn't touch anything. Do you have a back to restore the file?

Marek (marek) 01 Mar 2018, 13:00

Diego (aircrescio) 04 Mar 2018, 12:10

i don't find any changes on my way. Can you check the hover problem?

Marek (marek) 04 Mar 2018, 12:50

Please restore the copy of the file what was before the changes (22.02.2018)

Diego (aircrescio) 04 Mar 2018, 13:57

I haven’t it! I don’t make that change.

Marek (marek) 05 Mar 2018, 15:01

Here is the reason of the issue. That is not our code, but yours. You asked me to fix you code, sorry, but I can't. I this case I can only advice you to remove that condition

Diego (aircrescio) 05 Mar 2018, 15:12

No! That condition there is present also before and that condition check only the category id for use different images size and proportion in relation of category Id. And when we add that code hover works right! Is different months that we add that condition. Check the code, hover effect not depend of that.

Marek (marek) 05 Mar 2018, 15:15

but it doesn't allow the script to add second image

Diego (aircrescio) 05 Mar 2018, 15:18

Why not? When I add that code works right! I’m sure! I checked it different times!!!

Marek (marek) 05 Mar 2018, 15:51

You have overcustomized code. It's really hard to understand what's wrong there. If you want I'll ask Alex to help you for some price

Diego (aircrescio) 05 Mar 2018, 15:53

Ok, I can accept it, but is not related to my code because I’m with my code over effect works right! But I need a solution

Diego (aircrescio) 06 Mar 2018, 12:05

You can see that is not my code customization problem you can see my code in action in "Donna"–>"Abbigliamento" category page:
https://shop.ilamalu.it/donna/abbigliamento Here all works right!
Why not in Donna Category?

Please help me to fix it.

Marek (marek) 06 Mar 2018, 12:14

Once again I wrote you the issue is because you have customised the theme. I just fixed it and I don't want to get beck to this ticket more, sorry, but you waste my time. You have to pay for such tickets but I don't ask you to do that in this ticket.

Diego (aircrescio) 06 Mar 2018, 12:37

ok, but if i have customize theme why in one category works and in another one no? and i don't want waste your time but i need support.

Marek (marek) 06 Mar 2018, 12:37

Because of your customisation

Marek (marek) 06 Mar 2018, 12:38

I can support only in case theme or module issues

Diego (aircrescio) 06 Mar 2018, 12:41

ok, but my customization works as you can see at that link

Diego (aircrescio) 06 Mar 2018, 16:17

And now you can see that second image works, but keep wrong dimension.
In standard category need keep home_default dimension.
In selected category (you find condition in "IF CATEGORY LAYOUT VERTICALE" code section) need keep and use verticalbig_default dimension.
Vertical layout works right (https://shop.ilamalu.it/donna/abbigliamento)
I need fix standard behavior (https://shop.ilamalu.it/donna/) that need to continue to use, also for hover images, home_default dimension.

Marek (marek) 06 Mar 2018, 23:59

Write you once again, the reason of the issue is the customisation. If you need a help it will be paid service

Diego (aircrescio) 07 Mar 2018, 15:18

Ok, I also think about pay for fix, but I don’t understand because my custkm category layout works right and standard behaviour no. I think is a javascript issue and I can’t fix it... i’m Not able to do that

Marek (marek) 07 Mar 2018, 15:59

It's because of those conditions, there is some logical mistake. Ask Alex to help you, if he have a time

Diego (aircrescio) 08 Mar 2018, 01:25

Yes please

Alex Support (Admin) 08 Mar 2018, 13:20

Hi. For me hover effect works. I didn't make any modifications https://shop.ilamalu.it/donna

Please check.

Diego (aircrescio) 08 Mar 2018, 13:43

Works but in DONNA category with wrong images... images in that category must be square and cover entire box of product.

Diego (aircrescio) 09 Mar 2018, 17:45

i need fix only dimension of standard category that must be home_default dimension and not verticalbig_default that must used only fo product that are in selected categories.

Marek (marek) 13 Mar 2018, 19:59

Alex will reply you asap

Alex Support (Admin) 13 Mar 2018, 23:15

Hi. Sorry for waiting. For some reason I didn't get the ticket notifications.

Done the fix. Please check. As I see now everything ok in both categories home_default and verticalbig_default

If everything ok please pay 10 euro to PayPal [email protected] with the comment "AlexPromokit"

Diego (aircrescio) 21 Mar 2018, 01:18

is not fixed.
As you can see in attachment, vertical images need cover entire square box.
I need vertical images was cat from the top as in attachment example. (take verticalbig_default size and cut from the top for cover entire box.)
I'm able to do only one dimension with myself! i need different behavior for products that are in selected category (as you can see in the screenshot code of your thicket of 05 Mar 2018, 16:01)

Alex Support (Admin) 23 Mar 2018, 18:34

Hi. Sorry but I don't understand you. Everything seems fine for me https://www.screencast.com/t/wZWEP81PVm

Give me please the link to the category where you have a problem. And please explain what is exactly wrong?
Example: Now as you see in the screenshot it's like that. But I need like that and screenshot :)

Diego (aircrescio) 27 Mar 2018, 07:22

This is the link: https://shop.ilamalu.it/donna I need to use, for products that are in selected category (as you can see in the screenshot code of your thicket of 05 Mar 2018, 16:01), vertical images as just do, but cut this vertical images to square (from top of images) for cover completely the squared box of cover image of products in category page (that url).
See attachment for understand what i need.
Same behavior for hover images.

Alex Support (Admin) 27 Mar 2018, 10:15

the Category Donna https://shop.ilamalu.it/donna should use the image vertivalbig_default the same as here https://shop.ilamalu.it/donna/abbigliamento
but now it use home_default.
Am I right?
Do you want to change the Donna to verticalbig thumbnail?

Diego (aircrescio) 27 Mar 2018, 10:20

No, I don’t want use vertical layout, but use verticalbig_default for products that are in selected categories and for the other products use home_default images.
Donna and not selected categories need to use this mix design... square box, but completely cover with product images. For products that use verticalbig_default dimension cut from the top images for cover square box.

Alex Support (Admin) 27 Mar 2018, 11:58

You have rectangle images with the squared dimensions.
Here is how look image after Prestashop create thumbnail https://shop.ilamalu.it/img/p/1/1/2/6/4/11264-home_default.jpg
So image has these white margins in the image inside.
I can just add for the categories (the same as Donna) "with the rectangle images but squared thumbnails" the verticalbig_default thumbnails and it will look like you need
cut centered https://www.screencast.com/t/ihiarGuzYERQ
cut with top https://www.screencast.com/t/rFHMDGAx

What the other categories "with the rectangle images but squared thumbnails" you need to change in the same behavior?

Alex Support (Admin) 27 Mar 2018, 12:59

Oh sorry I tried but it's not easy to do. In this category you have products with the rectangle and squared images.
There are a few ways to make the modification you need but it's not easy to do.
1) The easiest. Find all the rectangle products and create for them condition in the code (the same as in your code for specific categories) If this product → load thumbnail "verticalbig_default". This solution will cost about 15-25 euro
2) Or add in the product settings some checkbox squared-rectangle. It will be the same solution as the 1) but you can easy check-ucheck the new products
3) I can try to change the default Prestashop thumbnails regeneration tool behavior (remove white gaps for rectangle images)

2,3 will cost higher. I think about 30-40 euro

Write me back please if you need this modification and what the variant you want to choose.

Diego (aircrescio) 27 Mar 2018, 17:56

I don't explain what i need.
In selected categories (as you can see in the screenshot code of your thicket of 05 Mar 2018, 16:01) we need to use vertical layout.
In all other categories square layout. In this categories (Donna for example) when there are products that are in selected categories, we want to use vertical_big images but display only top parts...(without change prestashop behavior) display verticalbig_default image for cover square box completely and with "overflow: hidden" hide bottom part of images... We need have all square box cover completely from images, for verticalbig_default and home_default products.

Alex Support (Admin) 28 Mar 2018, 01:06

I don't explain what i need. Everything seems as I described above. No?

In the Donna category you have rectangle and square images https://www.screencast.com/t/mXKKQz8pl2G
I've wrote a few ways how we can change only the rectangle images to "verticalbig_default" and don't change the squared images.
What is the way best for you?

Diego (aircrescio) 28 Mar 2018, 15:37

I think the best solutions is to find all the rectangle products and create for them condition in the code (the same as in your code for specific categories) If this product → load thumbnail "verticalbig_default" (but this image need to cover completely square box and not display rectangle box)
I think the best solution for checkbox squared-rectangle is add it into product page but also into the category page settings because if checked rectangle category use vertical layout (tpl file into theme folder) and every products of that category display rectangle images.

Alex Support (Admin) 28 Mar 2018, 19:04

How many categories you have (such as Donna) where you want to see rectangle images with squared thumbnail?

Diego (aircrescio) 28 Mar 2018, 19:25

All other categories can have mix of products (rectangle and square).
Only Selected categories use vertical rectangle layout, all others need use mix....and check if products are in selected categories use verticalbig_default images cut out else use home_default square image.

Alex Support (Admin) 04 Apr 2018, 15:37

In the product-list all products with the vertical categories https://www.screencast.com/t/vciDd0xT29ju in other (not vertical categories) will show as you wanted - square but with the thumbnail verticalbig.

I think such condition will be ok for your case, because as I see you have rectangle images only in these categories

                        $category->id == 32 || 
			$category->id == 37 || 
			$category->id == 38 || 
			$category->id == 39 || 
			$category->id == 40 || 
			$category->id == 41 || 
			$category->id == 95 || 
			$category->id == 96 || 
			$category->id == 146 || 
			$category->id == 23 || 
			$category->id == 26 || 
			$category->id == 169

Check please.

This modification cost 15 euro + 10 euro previous fix for hover thumbnails in this ticket above

Diego (aircrescio) 05 Apr 2018, 11:15

I need fix this as soon as possibile with look book feature. My customer need this 2 things as priority now.
Say me total for both job and do it.
As other times i pay you. Thanks


Diego (aircrescio) 06 Apr 2018, 16:38

It seem to works... But images of vertical product not start from the top of images and as you can see in attachment there some problem on mobile devices

image.png (358.1 KiB)
Alex Support (Admin) 06 Apr 2018, 20:15

Oh.. sorry for the mobile version. I forgot to check it...
I have added the fix. Please check. Now it seems ok.

About vertical images start from top. Done.

Diego (aircrescio) 07 Apr 2018, 11:44

Thanks, now is better, but check second page of category Donna for example... there are some problems and grid is not regular.

Alex Support (Admin) 07 Apr 2018, 13:52

Added fix for the portable devices. Now it should be ok on any device.
Please check the issue.

Diego (aircrescio) 07 Apr 2018, 16:08

Try to display 60 product per page on desktop... there are some white space between products...

Alex Support (Admin) 07 Apr 2018, 20:34

On my pc everything seems fine. Give me the link to that page and show me pls screenshot with the issue

Diego (aircrescio) 07 Apr 2018, 21:12

Screenshot is attach on my answer of 20.45 of today

Diego (aircrescio) 07 Apr 2018, 21:13

11.44 of today sorry

Alex Support (Admin) 09 Apr 2018, 13:11

Everything fine for me. Category Donna

Diego (aircrescio) 09 Apr 2018, 16:20

not for me...

Diego (aircrescio) 09 Apr 2018, 17:37

And is it possibile take middle of images not the top (for rectangular images)?

Diego (aircrescio) 09 Apr 2018, 17:53

And all categories, without selected, need to adjust rectangular images, not only donna.
Outlet for example, but also the others (https://shop.ilamalu.it/outlet).
Only selected category that use vertical images not have that adjustment of images.


Alex Support (Admin) 09 Apr 2018, 20:37

1) It's browser cache. For your css files now it's 1 week. Ive set it for now to 1 day
in the file .htaccess

ExpiresByType text/css "access plus 1 days"

So now you should see the modified css on the site
But it's recommended to change it back to "1 week" or even better "1 month" later in a few days. More info you can find in Google about that.
2) //And is it possibile take middle of images not the top (for rectangular images)?
It was at middle before and looked better for my opinion. That's why I forgot to change it look with "at top" ;) I will change it "to middle" and you can check. I think it's better than "at top"
Here I have added the products from Outlet category with rectangle images file product-list.tpl https://www.screencast.com/t/sKGgcNPe

Diego (aircrescio) 10 Apr 2018, 07:58

but is not possible use the same behavior for all categories? where there are products with rectangular images, use same behavior and cut it for square box.
For entire website category pages...

Diego (aircrescio) 10 Apr 2018, 07:59

You just set "middle" for images? because i see top again.

Diego (aircrescio) 10 Apr 2018, 14:15

my customer decide for "middle" layout. proceed with it. Thanks

Diego (aircrescio) 10 Apr 2018, 14:29

And there are again hole in category products grid... see attachment...
Display all products in DONNA category...

Alex Support (Admin) 11 Apr 2018, 09:59

but is not possible use the same behavior for all categories? where there are products with rectangular images, use same behavior and cut it for square box.
For entire website category pages...
It's possible. Just add any product ID "vertical image but squared thumb" in the product-list file, line 49

{$vertProd = [1868, 1869, 1872, 1877, 1879, 1931, 1929, 1928, 1906, 1903]}

For now there are 2 conditions for "vertical image but squared thumb"

  1. any product from categories with verticalbig thumbnails in other categories will show with squared look
  2. any product in the list
      {$vertProd = [1868, 1869, 1872, 1877, 1879, 1931, 1929, 1928, 1906, 1903]}

    if it's not category with verticalbig will show with squared thumbnail

You just set "middle" for images? because i see top again. Check now please
3) And there are again hole in category products grid Please clean the browser cache and check it again. You can check the site with the incognito mode

Diego (aircrescio) 13 Apr 2018, 17:14

I think to have understand everything...
1_ for confirm: $vertProd is ID of product that can i set to force squared thumbnail from verticalbig...right?
2_ continue to have white space in category grid...i find issue...with different monitor resolutions...check two attachment... Please fix it...i think is a problem with height of block of single products...css problem, but i can'f find a solution. (i use private mode for test it)
3_ in brand page continue to have photos not cut for square box, i need same behavior of category page. check this url: https://shop.ilamalu.it/brand/mimi-a-la-mer in brand page hover image start again from the top and not form the middle.
I need fix also carousel in homepage... my customer ask to me to allineate every section of website.
Thanks...as category layout is very beautiful.