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Ticket #11873 - Alysum


i have bought this template, i want to install USP in the header, how can i do that? i have prestashop
thanks for your answer

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Marek (marek) 17 Mar 2018, 21:17

We can try to help you with such kind of customisation, but it's a paid service. If you agree, I'll ask Alex to help you

Daniela Koch (secondpassion) 17 Mar 2018, 23:01

hello, thanks for your answer, how much is it ?
nice regards

Marek (marek) 17 Mar 2018, 23:02

It depends on time. I don't think it will take much time

Daniela Koch (secondpassion) 18 Mar 2018, 07:03

ok how is your price for one hour ? so that i know how much it could be?

Alex Support (Admin) 18 Mar 2018, 13:38

Hi. Show me please what do you want to add to the header. I suppose it's some image banner? If yes it will cost about 5-10 euro.
Show me please what do you want to add and give me access to the BO and FTP. You can fill it in your profile

Daniela Koch (secondpassion) 19 Mar 2018, 19:45

hi, i have take all information in my profil
i want 3 information in the header - Täglich neue Angebote, versandkostenfrei ab 50 Euro, 14 tägiges Rückgaberecht

Alex Support (Admin) 20 Mar 2018, 17:51

Hi. How do you want to see it? Please show me with the screenshot.
You can do that easy with any screenshot addon or software.

Daniela Koch (secondpassion) 21 Mar 2018, 06:06

thats a screenshot where you see, what i have want

Second_Passion_I_Modische_Sec... (235.2 KiB)
Daniela Koch (secondpassion) 21 Mar 2018, 06:08

we have also another problem too
we have the template, but look, sometimes there are 4 products in one row and than only two or one, i think its a css problem, but can you help me?

BEKLEIDUNG_-_Second_Passion_e... (83.3 KiB)
Alex Support (Admin) 22 Mar 2018, 02:18

Hi. Ok I understand that. Today I will make this modification and write you back.
2) Bug in the category page.
Add this code

@media (min-width: 1170px) {#category .view_grid .ajax_block_product:nth-child(4n+5) {clear:left}}
@media (max-width: 1169px) and (min-width: 727px) {#category .view_grid .ajax_block_product:nth-child(3n+4) {clear:left}}

to the CustomCSS and it will solve your problem

Alex Support (Admin) 22 Mar 2018, 22:40

Hi. I can't enter to the BO and FTP with the provided access. Please check the access