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  • Status: Closed
  • Closed by: Marek (marek)
  • Closed on: 16.11.18, 19:20
  • Reason: Closed
  • Comment: Glad to help!

Ticket #11938 - Navigation

hello is there a possibility of a horizontal navigation?
thanks for the fast reply

This ticket does not depend on any other tickets.

Marek (marek) 28 Mar 2018, 11:33

Hi, Daniela.
What does it mean? I see the horizontal menu in your website

Daniela Koch (secondpassion) 28 Mar 2018, 11:46

thanks for your answer
i think that wasn´t the correct question

i want a faceted navigation that people, have a better search, is this possible?
i have a problem with brands on www.secondpassion.com - i have only one column, but i want 3 is this possible ?
i have many question, do you have skype?

Marek (marek) 28 Mar 2018, 12:08

No, we providing support only through https://support.promokit.eu

1. it requires code customisation.
2. I don't see any brands on that page

Daniela Koch (secondpassion) 28 Mar 2018, 12:13

thanks for your answer
i have make a screenshot - i want it like that
thats my brands page https://www.secondpassion.com/marken

Unbenannt.png (394.2 KiB)
Marek (marek) 29 Mar 2018, 11:27

Hi, Daniela.
I'm not able to connect to your server. Please check out credentials in your profile

Daniela Koch (secondpassion) 29 Mar 2018, 11:46

please repeat it now ... i hope it will get

Marek (marek) 30 Mar 2018, 19:59

Hi, Daniela.
I spent much time on that, but no sucess. Then I have switched your shop to default prestashop theme and see there is also no column. So looks like there is no content to show it on that page

Daniela Koch (secondpassion) 30 Mar 2018, 20:00

thats about the brands ?

Marek (marek) 30 Mar 2018, 20:01

yes, right

Daniela Koch (secondpassion) 30 Mar 2018, 20:07

ok - no problem
we don´t have a favourite button, we have it only, if somebody is login

Marek (marek) 30 Mar 2018, 20:09

as for another question, I already wrote you it requires code customisation, and it's paid service. If you want I'll ask Alex to help you for some price

Daniela Koch (secondpassion) 30 Mar 2018, 20:25

no problem
just do it and send me the invoice

Alex Support (Admin) 31 Mar 2018, 09:47

Hi. Do you want to see the product filters horizontally on the BRANDS page? Right? https://www.screencast.com/t/fC8KPQRmhc
I can try to add them there.
I think it will be easier to add them to the left sidebar with the default layout https://www.screencast.com/t/9PF2UCVUylZK
Is it important for you to see the filter on the left sidebar or horizontally on the page top?

Daniela Koch (secondpassion) 31 Mar 2018, 10:23

i only want the product filter horizontal in my articles, i have problems that nobody can search anything in the mobil version
in the brands i only want 3 columes and not one

Alex Support (Admin) 01 Apr 2018, 15:23

i only want the product filter horizontal in my articles Do you mean in the category pages?

So you need
1) in the brands i only want 3 columes and not one 3 columns for brands list. Ok

2) For category pages (where you can see list of products, for example https://www.secondpassion.com/15-bekleidung ) you can see the horizontal filter not vertical.
3) On mobile site version,move product filters on the category pages at the top?

Am I right?

Daniela Koch (secondpassion) 01 Apr 2018, 15:37

at the brands i only want 3 colums not 1 if this is possible, because now we have one big row

at the product page i have the vertical filter, but i want also a vertical is this possible
at the mobile version we also don´t have a filter, the people see only, the products, but they can´t search anything

Alex Support (Admin) 03 Apr 2018, 14:24

1) Done. For big screens I've done 4 columns for smaller 3
2) I didn't understand you
3) I didn't understand you

Maybe show me please what you need with the screenshots?

Daniela Koch (secondpassion) 03 Apr 2018, 14:41

thanks for your great work
is it possible that someone can see the brand in front of the product? in categorypage
brand name
product name

Alex Support (Admin) 03 Apr 2018, 15:18

How do you want to see it? Show me please with the screenshot

Daniela Koch (secondpassion) 03 Apr 2018, 15:23

Look at the mobile - i don't See a Price and don't have a filter

IMG_3190.PNG (237.1 KiB)
Daniela Koch (secondpassion) 03 Apr 2018, 15:24

The other screenshot

IMG_3189.PNG (170.2 KiB)
Alex Support (Admin) 03 Apr 2018, 18:13

Daniela, please try to write with more details it's hard to understand you.
Look at the mobile - i don't See a Price On the category page? I see the price there on my android phone https://www.secondpassion.com/15-bekleidung
and don't have a filter What the filter you mean? Color picker? https://www.screencast.com/t/q4mCyARdO

The other screenshot What's this screenshot shows?

Daniela Koch (secondpassion) 03 Apr 2018, 18:47

on your question, in the categories, can be searched neither for size, nor for color, etc., this is a little difficult, with so many articles, it would be good if you could install a filter here

Alex Support (Admin) 03 Apr 2018, 19:54

Daniela please use any screenshot app for browser or software and show me what do you want and where do you want to see it

Daniela Koch (secondpassion) 08 Apr 2018, 21:08

hello, i want to make my script thinner for the undercategorys on the startpage, is this possible?

Alex Support (Admin) 09 Apr 2018, 13:29

Hi. Show me please with the screenshot what you want to change

Daniela Koch (secondpassion) 09 Apr 2018, 14:37

this is the screenshot

Second_Passion_I_Modische_Sec... (191.9 KiB)
Alex Support (Admin) 09 Apr 2018, 23:03

Subcategories move to the right. Add to the customCSS the code
#categories_block_left li ul {margin-left: 20px}

Sorry but i didn't understand "front thinner". What's the front?

Daniela Koch (secondpassion) 10 Apr 2018, 08:17

Thanks for the quick information, I would like to make the text a little smaller, in the undercategories is possible, so pants, etc. smaller and then the subcategories again smaller?

Alex Support (Admin) 11 Apr 2018, 10:18

text a little smaller Ok :) I've added this code to your CustomCSS and now the categories items thinner and the font is smaller

#left_column #categories_block_left .tree a {font-size: 12px;line-height: 20px;}

For this and previous small modifications please pay 10 euro to paypal to the [email protected] with comment "AlexPromokit, 11938"

Alex Support (Admin) 13 May 2018, 22:40

Hi Daniela. Did you made a payment for modifications? Write me back please.