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Ticket #12025 - Search problems, sort product on category

Hi and thanks for your theme and your work.

1 - A problem with the Search in the header of the site: when I search i see double price, the first one is not good (see attached photo).
2 - When I search something existing in the site, for example “ABITO” (in italian is dress), site gives me a 404 page.
3 - There is the need to edit the sort of product in category pages: now it will be sorted from urls, but it can be more correct sorted from ascendent date (from the newest to the oldest).
4 - After the editing of yesterday the site doesn’t update the custom css of the theme settings panel, there is some explanation?
5 - Theme has a cookie page in tpl file, How can I activate it?

Thanks and regards,

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Marek (marek) 10 Apr 2018, 09:37

Hi, Davide.
First of all please update the theme to the latest version. Don't forget to make a backup before. Write me back when it will be ready.