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Ticket #12048 - "Coming back soon" page in Alysum


I would like to change background picture on my site (Alysum) ⇒ https://guidoanselmi.com

1. Can you please let me know how to change it in Prestashop backend? Screenshots would be the most handy.

2. I would like to also remove everything from “Coming back page” and KEEP only:

a) have new background picture
b) change text into “COMING BACK SOON” c) keep text at the top as its now: “Guido Anselmi” d) keep box with “NOTIFY ME WHEN ITS READY”

Everything else I would like to remove. Can you kindly let me know how to do it?

Best regards,

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Marek (marek) 13 Apr 2018, 10:24

Hi, Magdalena.
1. There is no option to change the image in back office. You just have to upload your image "comming-soon.jpg" to the folder "/modules/pk_themesettings/images/" on your server
2. to hide elements use following CSS:

#maintenance .footer-columns, #maintenance .someTimer {display:none}

3. You can change the test in the file /modules/pk_themesettings/views/frontend/comingsoon.tpl