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  • Closed by: Marek (marek)
  • Closed on: 06.05.18, 22:24
  • Reason: Closed
  • Comment: Glad to help!

Ticket #12117 - How to edit contact information in customer email footer?

I have looked at every module and every translation and I CANNOT find where to edit the contact information in the customer emails ...
Prestashop 1.7 and latest version of theme.
thank you

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Marek (marek) 23 Apr 2018, 12:44

Hi, Veronique.
What is your theme version?

Veronique MCKAY (vezy) 23 Apr 2018, 13:39

Hi Marek 5.1.8

Marek (marek) 23 Apr 2018, 13:40
Veronique MCKAY (vezy) 23 Apr 2018, 13:44

Hi Marek,
Sorry, but that is done and it hasn't changed anything in the customer emails
That is why I am here :)

Are the emails using a module? It is driving me crazy!

Marek (marek) 23 Apr 2018, 13:47

Sorry, my mistake.
You have to go to "Email Control" module settings and change it there

Veronique MCKAY (vezy) 23 Apr 2018, 13:51

Thank you Marek,
That is funny, because I had a look at that module, but somehow, didn't see the adress bit at the bottom !
Uggggh, Monday morning!

While I have you,
Where do you change the email css? I see no separate css for emails, is it in the main css?


Marek (marek) 23 Apr 2018, 13:52

there is no separated css file. All css is in the email html templates

Veronique MCKAY (vezy) 23 Apr 2018, 13:53

Ok, thanks a lot Marek :)


Marek (marek) 23 Apr 2018, 13:54

Glad to help!