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Ticket #12293 - Could not render content of widget: ps_specials

hello, this message is appearing in the top left of the page, where normally the menu by categories, what can I do?

This ticket does not depend on any other tickets.

Alejandro Cogollo (alejoco) 29 May 2018, 03:41

Assistant screenshot

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-28 at ... (129.5 KiB)
Marek (marek) 29 May 2018, 10:37

Hi, Alejandro.
Please make sure the module ps_specials is installed

Alejandro Cogollo (alejoco) 29 May 2018, 17:45

I have another question, the menu of the sidebar "categories" is failing, when I enter the category and then I press the "home" button again, the "categories" menu disappears or it continues showing me the menu of the category where I was before

1.png (259.1 KiB)
2.png (112.1 KiB)
3.png (260.8 KiB)
4.png (266.1 KiB)
Marek (marek) 30 May 2018, 08:52

Hi, Alejandro.
Go to Categories module settings and try to change parent category option

Alejandro Cogollo (alejoco) 08 Jun 2018, 00:48

Hi, I came back here

I would like you to help me with this (attached image):
1. how do I make the vertical space between the name of the product, the price and the other items is the normal space. (I have selected the product-page in the Page Builder Editor).

2. How do I edit and hide the size guide?

3. when you click on the image of the product, it does not open the photo as it does in the Alysum sample template (third attachment)

4. the logo of my store to be in full screen (attached 1) looks good, good size, but when I climb the window to 1333x768px (attachment 2) is a small size that I do not like, how can I enlarge it?

5. The footer of my page in general looks bad (Attachment 4) compared to that of the sample template (Attachment 5), how can I leave it as Attachment 5?

muestra.png (621.6 KiB)
1333x768.png (632.8 KiB)
adjunto 3.png (716.3 KiB)
adjunto 4.png (103.7 KiB)
adjunto 5.png (129 KiB)
Marek (marek) 08 Jun 2018, 10:20

Please give me a link to your product page

Alejandro Cogollo (alejoco) 08 Jun 2018, 17:12

I'm also having problems with this, I do not know what it is or what happens

adjunto 6.png (77.7 KiB)
Marek (marek) 08 Jun 2018, 21:27

Please fill out all necessary fields in your profile https://support.promokit.eu/index.php?do=myprofile to access to your back office

Alejandro Cogollo (alejoco) 08 Jun 2018, 23:40

Done, I already did

Marek (marek) 09 Jun 2018, 13:47

1. Vertical spaces has been removed
2. Just disable Product Size Guide module
3. Fixed
4. Logo size has been enlarged
5. You have to configure your footer in the footer builder. See the video tutorial here https://alysum5.promokit.eu/promokit/landing/video.html

Alejandro Cogollo (alejoco) 09 Jun 2018, 18:21

Hi, thank you very much for your help, although there were a couple of things along the way

1. you did not help me with the attachment 6

2. in point 4 of my previous request if you enlarged the logo for the window size 1333x768 but the logo is seen in a lower quality resolution than when it is in full screen, how can I make the logo in that window size too I stayed at a good resolution?

Marek (marek) 10 Jun 2018, 12:25
Alejandro Cogollo (alejoco) 11 Jun 2018, 18:08

in point 2 I think you did not understand me, the problem is that in the 1333x768 window the logo looks low in resolution, while in the rest of media queries it looks well defined

Marek (marek) 12 Jun 2018, 11:48

As I can see it looks fine now, have you fixed that? http://take.ms/FRXTi

Alejandro Cogollo (alejoco) 12 Jun 2018, 15:23

Hello, please compare Attachment 7 and Attachment 8, in Attachment 7 ( 1333x768 ) the edges of the logo are blurred, however in Attachment 8 the logo looks well defined at its edges

adjunto7.png (809.3 KiB)
adjunto8.png (1.04 MiB)
Marek (marek) 12 Jun 2018, 17:18

Ok, try following CSS:

body #header .logo {max-width: 251px;min-width: 251px;}

where "251" is the width of your logo image

Alejandro Cogollo (alejoco) 12 Jun 2018, 17:32

I think that again we are not understanding, it's not about the size of the logo that's not what I want to modify, what I want is that in the size of the 1333x768 window it looks well defined as in the full screen window (attachment eight)

it's not about size but about image quality

Alejandro Cogollo (alejoco) 12 Jun 2018, 19:05

Hi, I would like you to help me with two new things:

1. in attachment 9, the price of the product is mounted on the name of it, I would like the price to be below the name of the product

2. in the attachment 10, the product page, the phrase "Taxes included Delivery between 3 and 4 days" is next to the price and I would like it to also be below the price.

Thank you

adjunto9.png (300.9 KiB)
adjunto10.png (606.1 KiB)
Marek (marek) 13 Jun 2018, 19:04

8. Your logo is blurred because original size is 250 but when you have browser width as 1333 your logo width is 250px, so please add myself CSS fix.
9. Such Product Miniature style is not suitable for so long prices. Please switch to another style http://take.ms/at1fDn

10. Try this:

#product .tax-shipping-delivery-label {display:block}
Alejandro Cogollo (alejoco) 13 Jun 2018, 22:05

hello, now a new concern

In the home page, the name of the product is not appearing in the new products that I am creating.

What can I do to solve it?

adjunto11.png (659.6 KiB)
Alejandro Cogollo (alejoco) 13 Jun 2018, 22:30

I already tested the code and did nothing, the line that says "Taxes included Delivery between 3 and 4 days" is still coming out to the right of the price

adjunto12.png (88.3 KiB)
adjunto13.png (635.1 KiB)
Alejandro Cogollo (alejoco) 18 Jun 2018, 17:26

What's up? I've been waiting for 5 days

Marek (marek) 18 Jun 2018, 17:40

Sorry, it seems the ticket was lost.
- product title has been fixed
- try this:

#product .tax-shipping-delivery-label {display:block !important}
Alejandro Cogollo (alejoco) 18 Jun 2018, 20:13

so I must open a new ticket?

Alejandro Cogollo (alejoco) 18 Jun 2018, 20:14

#product .tax-shipping-delivery-label {display:block !important}

this last solution that you gave me if it worked, thanks

Alejandro Cogollo (alejoco) 18 Jun 2018, 21:09

Now I have another new problem, I do not know how to make the "Isotope Product Filter" module work properly, on my homepage in the tabs "All" and "Highlights" I get the same products, I do not know how to make it work properly.

It is assumed that the products that you label in the home category are those that appear in the "featured" tab, but the same ones appear in both tabs.

the tab "special" is working, and the probe, the best-selling I imagine that no product appears because the page is still not working and no sales have been recorded.

Marek (marek) 19 Jun 2018, 11:08

As I can see you have no products "ESPECIALES" and "MÁS VENDIDOS". Try to add such products

Alejandro Cogollo (alejoco) 19 Jun 2018, 17:06

Well, I already put some products in special (discount), and one in more sold (I did the test buying a product).

I return and I repeat, I do not know why the products are not clearly differentiated by their tabs, in the tab "all" and "highlights" the same products appear, besides in those same tabs the products that I put in "specials" also appear.

It is assumed that in each tab different products must appear, I do not like how it looks.

in the documentation says that to put products in "featured" should be put in the start category, but appear in several tabs, help me solve it please

Marek (marek) 19 Jun 2018, 17:59

There is no any bug or issue.
You see the same products in the "All" and "Featured" because all products are "Featured"

Alejandro Cogollo (alejoco) 19 Jun 2018, 18:46

I do not understand what you mean by that answer, it seems to me that you are being very superficial and unprofessional when it comes to providing the technical service

I demand that you explain me with arguments, my time is also worth it, I am supposed to buy a professional product and I am having too many inconveniences

I need to see different products on each tab, please tell me how I do it; give me solutions, not unserviceable answers

Alejandro Cogollo (alejoco) 19 Jun 2018, 18:58

Now I have another problem, when I enter the only category that has subcategory I can not see the complete category tree again when I go back to the home page (attachment 15)

adjunto14.png (759.3 KiB)
adjunto15.png (773.3 KiB)
Marek (marek) 20 Jun 2018, 11:47

1. I gave you absolutely clear explanation, I don't know how to say that in other words.
You can see a demo of Isotope Script here https://isotope.metafizzy.co There is no way to show different products on each tab, because there is "All" tab what shows all products. You have to use "Product Tabs" widget to have different products on each tab.

2. That is native prestashop module and not part of our theme. Try this option to get it fixed http://take.ms/RMCIN

Alejandro Cogollo (alejoco) 29 Jun 2018, 05:00

hello, I have a problem, when I updated the template with an update that appeared to me today, two problems appeared, the first is that the categories are not serving me, I just click on one I get an error 500, activate the Prestashop error report and this is what appears to me, please can you help me


Invalid category vars
at line 374 in file classes/Link.php

369. if (is_array($category) && isset($category['id_category'])) {
370. $category = new Category($category, $idLang);
371. } elseif ((int) $category) {
372. $category = new Category((int) $category, $idLang);
373. } else {
374. throw new PrestaShopException('Invalid category vars');
375. }
376. }
377. return $category;
378. }

  LinkCore->getCategoryObject - [line 427 - classes/Link.php] - [2 Arguments]
  LinkCore->getCategoryLink - [line 49 - app/cache/dev/smarty/compile/ab/2f/dd/ab2fdd46b37161a5d788c67e70695bd9455028fd.module.widget_subcategories.tpl.php] - [1 Arguments]
  content_5b35995bf26eb7_04444860 - [line 188 - vendor/prestashop/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templatebase.php] - [1 Arguments]
  Smarty_Internal_TemplateBase->fetch - [line 41 - classes/Smarty/SmartyDevTemplate.php] - [7 Arguments]
  SmartyDevTemplateCore->fetch - [line 2282 - classes/module/Module.php]
  ModuleCore->fetch - [line 406 - modules/pspagebuilder/pspagebuilder.php] - [1 Arguments]
  PsPageBuilder->getWidgetContent - [line 375 - modules/pspagebuilder/pspagebuilder.php] - [3 Arguments]
  PsPageBuilder->buildLayoutData - [line 382 - modules/pspagebuilder/pspagebuilder.php] - [4 Arguments]
  PsPageBuilder->buildLayoutData - [line 1529 - modules/pk_menu/pk_menu.php] - [4 Arguments]
  Pk_Menu->getPspLayout - [line 1370 - modules/pk_menu/pk_menu.php] - [1 Arguments]
  Pk_Menu->getWidgetVariables - [line 1294 - modules/pk_menu/pk_menu.php] - [2 Arguments]
  Pk_Menu->hookDisplayMenu - [line 924 - classes/Hook.php] - [1 Arguments]
  HookCore::coreCallHook - [line 328 - classes/Hook.php] - [3 Arguments]
  HookCore::callHookOn - [line 860 - classes/Hook.php] - [3 Arguments]
  HookCore::exec - [line 168 - config/smarty.config.inc.php] - [3 Arguments]
  smartyHook - [line - ] - [2 Arguments]
  call_user_func_array - [line 83 - classes/Smarty/SmartyLazyRegister.php] - [2 Arguments]
  SmartyLazyRegister->__call - [line 1301 - app/cache/dev/smarty/compile/layouts_layout_left_column_tpl/56/16/9a/56169a0d8e18083990df52f6d9ec5941273aa1bf.file.category.tpl.php] - [2 Arguments]
  SmartyLazyRegister->smartyHook - [line 1301 - app/cache/dev/smarty/compile/layouts_layout_left_column_tpl/56/16/9a/56169a0d8e18083990df52f6d9ec5941273aa1bf.file.category.tpl.php] - [2 Arguments]
  content_5b35995b667876_67848660 - [line 1089 - app/cache/dev/smarty/compile/layouts_layout_left_column_tpl/56/16/9a/56169a0d8e18083990df52f6d9ec5941273aa1bf.file.category.tpl.php] - [1 Arguments]
  content_5b35995b5fabc6_53498449 - [line 262 - app/cache/dev/smarty/compile/layouts_layout_left_column_tpl/56/16/9a/56169a0d8e18083990df52f6d9ec5941273aa1bf.file.category.tpl.php] - [1 Arguments]
  content_5b35995bc503b8_48713896 - [line 188 - vendor/prestashop/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templatebase.php] - [1 Arguments]
  Smarty_Internal_TemplateBase->fetch - [line 41 - classes/Smarty/SmartyDev.php] - [7 Arguments]
  SmartyDev->fetch - [line 684 - classes/controller/FrontController.php] - [3 Arguments]
  FrontControllerCore->smartyOutputContent - [line 668 - classes/controller/FrontController.php] - [1 Arguments]
  FrontControllerCore->display - [line 273 - classes/controller/Controller.php]
  ControllerCore->run - [line 428 - classes/Dispatcher.php]
  DispatcherCore->dispatch - [line 28 - index.php]

2. the second problem is that now on the product page in the specifications tab I see what I highlight in attachment 16 and I would like them to help me remove it

adjunto16.png (61.7 KiB)
Marek (marek) 29 Jun 2018, 11:25

I'm working on that right now

Marek (marek) 29 Jun 2018, 11:48

1. Fixed.
2. Use following CSS to hide:

.product-manufacturer, .product-quantities, .product-reference {display:none}
Alejandro Cogollo (alejoco) 29 Jun 2018, 15:15

2. it does not work

Marek (marek) 01 Jul 2018, 13:21

Try to clear prestashop cache