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Ticket #12488 - CUSTOM TAB

Hi again!
Once i disabled the custom tab for the products, and now i want to put it back.
I have activated the customtab, but it dont show up on the products page...
What do I do wrong?
Best regards, Pia

252ba24fb2.png (46 KiB)
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Marek (marek) 05 Jul 2018, 12:48

Please make sure your custom tab is Allowed for all manufacturers and categories

Pia Ahren (Brunsproducts) 09 Jul 2018, 17:26

Hi, thank you! It works fine but i just have a probably stupid question:
If I need to write a special text / tab for each product...Do I then have to maka a custome tab for each product?
Best regards, pia

Marek (marek) 09 Jul 2018, 21:24

yes, you can do that. Here is the documentation for custom Tabs https://alysum5.promokit.eu/promokit/documentation/customtabs_doc/#ProductContent

Pia Ahren (Brunsproducts) 11 Jul 2018, 09:20

Hello again, thank you for your fast reply. I still have some things I dont understand even if I read the documentation...
In the documentation I understand that i should SEE the new customized tab under the product / edit page in the backoffice, but this I dont do...(see attached file)
I dont know if I have missunderstood this part or not...
Best regards, Pia

tab.png (66.1 KiB)
productstab.png (47.4 KiB)
Marek (marek) 11 Jul 2018, 11:00