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Ticket #12520 - For alex

1.i want the categories to be something like (show less)and (shoe more). Categories are all displayed now and i want them to be hidden till the client click on the category button.
2.Home- Acasa

My Account- Contul meu
My wishlist- Lista de dorinte
the contact info and follow us i left them like this because are ok in our language , we use the english term
3.vanina boutique powerd by presta shop no problem also.

4. you tried to search a product in a categori where is only one “cardigan”
try to search “rochie-214” and see that it doesn’t show you only this dress .
for the emails , I don’t need the pdf invoice, you can erase it
5. On androids phones all the page run and you can enter on catalogue or to see products

This ticket does not depend on any other tickets.

Alex Support (Admin) 14 Jul 2018, 12:34

1) Show me please some site example how it works.
4) Search.
I see you search with the product reference. Yes I see the issue, the problem is in the "-" it will be the same issue with the "_".
If you rename the reference to "rochie214" it will search right.
I can easy rename all the products reference with the database from "name-000" to ""name000"" for you. So write me back if you need that
5) Is everything ok now?