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Ticket #12652 - Cms page contact form

Hi Marek,

How can i hook contact form in a cms page please?
Already asked but i forgot...

This ticket does not depend on any other tickets.

Marek (marek) 03 Aug 2018, 11:27

I'm not sure I gave you some solution for that. It requires some code customisation

Rizak (vatna) 04 Aug 2018, 14:46

Ok, i probably mistake then ...
How can i do this??

Marek (marek) 06 Aug 2018, 12:14

Try to add following code into the file /themes/alysum/templates/cms/page.tpl

{block name='page_content'}
  {widget name="contactform"}
Rizak (vatna) 08 Aug 2018, 15:58

Hi Marek,

The code works but it displays the whole contact page : contact form, googlemap and a little texte part, this for all pages.

I would like to keep only contact form for a specific page.
Please see attached file

Is it possible?
Thank you

2.JPG (704.4 KiB)
Marek (marek) 08 Aug 2018, 17:51

It requires some code customisation, I can ask Alex to help you with that sore some price

Rizak (vatna) 08 Aug 2018, 18:19

Ok, ask him.

Would it be possible with page builder?
Updating the theme ...

Alex Support (Admin) 07 Sep 2018, 09:11

Hi. We have lost this ticket.
Do you still need our help with that?

Rizak (vatna) 11 Sep 2018, 02:11

Hi Alex,

Yes still need
How much for that?

Thank you

Marek (marek) 11 Sep 2018, 10:17

I just assigned current ticket to Alex to let him get notifications

Alex Support (Admin) 11 Sep 2018, 19:57

Hi. I will check and write you back about the price

Alex Support (Admin) 08 Oct 2018, 22:54

Hi. Sorry for waiting.
I've made a few changes in the file themes/alysum/modules/contactform/views/templates/widget/contactform.tpl and now it should be ok.
You can try to hook it whenever you need.
This modification costs 10 euro. I suppose soon you want to add some new customizations so you can pay later for this modification ;)

Rizak (vatna) 09 Oct 2018, 17:04

Hi Alex,

Nice, but how can i do that??

Alex Support (Admin) 09 Oct 2018, 22:11

With the Marek solution above https://support.promokit.eu/index.php?do=details&task_id=12652#comment74446 ;) If you need help with that just show me where you want to add contact block and I will do that.

Rizak (vatna) 10 Oct 2018, 13:31

Omg, sorry i didn' noticed the thing...
Too many things to do in the same time.

I'll try and be back in a few

Thank you Alex