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Ticket #12665 - Home carousel “NEW” - change days limit

Hello, I’m home page the carousel “NEW” were displayed new products. Prestashop consider new products, products that are published in last 15 days and it’s perfect for catalog.
I need display in the carousel last 12 products also after this 15 days. Can you help me to understand where I can change this behaviour? I don’t want display last product only for 15 days in the carouse, I need display last 12 products.
I must leave 15 days as new products for others category. Can you help me to exclude data limit only for the homepage carousel NEW? Thanks

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Diego (aircrescio) 08 Aug 2018, 12:00

Any news for my request??? how can i solve it? I need display last 12 products in carousel NEW without data limit. Only for the homepage. Thanks

Marek (marek) 08 Aug 2018, 12:35

That is not theme issue. Make sure you have enough "new" products in your store

Diego (aircrescio) 08 Aug 2018, 12:53

Yes I know that is not an issue. I need display in carouse not new product of prestashop, but last 12 product that I upload in a catalogue. Can you help me? Thanks

Alex Support (Admin) 09 Aug 2018, 16:17

Hi. I can do that modification for you. It will cost 15 euro. If it's ok I will do that.

Diego (aircrescio) 09 Aug 2018, 22:44

15€ to change carousel "new" from
display new products (follow prestashop new condition)
display last 12 products of catalogue???

Alex Support (Admin) 14 Aug 2018, 18:05

Hi. Sorry for waiting. I didn't get notification from this ticket.
Yes. It's not easy modification. There is only 1 line of code change but to find the right function and parameters for changing took my time. So yes it costs 15 euro. ;)