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Ticket #12669 - Footer customisation

Hi Alex,

Here is new customisation task.
Please check file attached, i would like this layout for the footer.
The result should be responsive on lower resolutions.

Waiting for your response back for price.
Thank you.


blanc.JPG (491.3 KiB)

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Alex Support (Admin) 09 Aug 2018, 13:18

Hi. I have a lot of work so you need to wait a few days. I hope it's not a problem.
I will try to check the customization and write you back for the payment. ;)

Rizak (vatna) 11 Aug 2018, 01:51

Ok Alex
let me know when you re in ;-)

Rizak (vatna) 27 Aug 2018, 16:51

Hi Alex,

How are things??

Marek (marek) 28 Aug 2018, 10:07

Alex has ben added to the ticket now

Alex Support (Admin) 28 Aug 2018, 11:10

Hi. Sorry for such a long waiting. I have a few clients that I need to finish and after that I will gladly help you. I think tomorrow I'll have a time for your modification.
Sorry for waiting, I had a vacation this month. That is the main reason of waiting ;)

Rizak (vatna) 28 Aug 2018, 15:34

Hi Alex,

Don't worry i knew summer was in the game ;-) It was here too.

I keep stand by, let me know when starting is on.


Alex Support (Admin) 30 Aug 2018, 23:15


Don't worry i knew summer was in the game ;-) It was here too. 

I'm glad that you had also good active summer :)

I looked at your image. The footer changes will cost about 20-35 euro. It depends how many time it will take for me.I hope it will be fast for less money.
Is it ok price for you?

Rizak (vatna) 31 Aug 2018, 01:31

Ok Alex go on, but be nice –> summer cost me too much money ;-) Waiting for result ^^


Alex Support (Admin) 31 Aug 2018, 12:18
summer cost me too much money
For me too. So I need to earn some money. LOL It's a joke. I always try to give fair price for my work ;)
Alex Support (Admin) 31 Aug 2018, 22:11

Hi. It's not finished yet.I guess left about 15% of work. I will finish it tomorrow.

Alex Support (Admin) 01 Sep 2018, 16:57

Hi. I've finished my work. Please check. Ready for issues :D

It cost 35 euro. Sorry for this price but it took about 3 hours of work ;) You can pay with the Paypal to the [email protected] with comment "AlexPromokit", and write me back here please after payment.

Rizak (vatna) 03 Sep 2018, 11:58

Hi Alex,

Thank you, nice work!

Some points to precise ...

1/ I can't see newsletter module, i saw the code lines it seems, ok but where is it??
2/ There is a little layout trouble on the "Édition limitée" title page, please see attached file and original one. The next title page need to be under the previous one ...
3/ Sitemap link doesn't work ... this in the previous version too. How does this thing work?? Thank you

Ok for price, waiting for your response back.


A.JPG (674.8 KiB)
Alex Support (Admin) 03 Sep 2018, 21:40

1) I can't tell you for sure. As I remeber it was there. I checked positions, users groups, theme settings. Everything is ok there. I even made module reset. That didn't help as well. Did you made some changes in the Bo configuration that can lead to this module hide?
2) Now it's ok. that was cache fault
3) Fixed

Rizak (vatna) 06 Sep 2018, 14:08

Hi Alex,

1/I unfortunately did nothing to this, i saw the newsletter was missing at the first view ... then i try to hook something somewhere, then i asked to you. No idea ...
I hope you can recover it.
Let me know what's on, thank you.

3/Good, is the link "" still usefull now??

Rizak (vatna) 06 Sep 2018, 19:26

... it seems you're doing well Alex ^^

Alex Support (Admin) 06 Sep 2018, 21:48

1) It was cache issue. I just deleted Prestashop cache and the Newsletter appeared))) Spend a lot of time to find out the reason... :)


 still usefull now??

What do you mean? The right link is

Really sorry but +15 euro for finding this bug and modificate the newsletter. I spend more than 1 hour to find the reason of Newsletter disappearing + module modification about 30 minutes.

Total amount is 50 euro. Write me back please here after payment

Rizak (vatna) 11 Sep 2018, 02:09

Hi Alex,

Humm ok ...
Payment will be done soon.


Alex Support (Admin) 26 Sep 2018, 22:15

Hi. Tell me please did you make a payment for my previous work? :) If yes, write me back please the date

Rizak (vatna) 27 Sep 2018, 13:44

Hi Alex,

No i didn't.
I'm waiting for incomes too, it seems clients sleep when it's time to pay...
It should be ok in few days I think/hope, I let you know when it's done.
Sorry for this inconvenience.

However, I'm still working on the website, release should be done in few days too (this week end?)
And I can't find where to change phone number in the footer
Could you tell me where i can find this?

Thank you


Alex Support (Admin) 28 Sep 2018, 14:57

Ok. write me back please after payment. It's ok. I will wait, don't worry ;)

And I can't find where to change phone number in the footer

Localisation>Translation>Theme translation>Shop>Theme>Links
Attached the screenshot

transl_footer_phone.png (57.5 KiB)
Rizak (vatna) 28 Sep 2018, 16:13

Ok perfect.

Phone number changed, thank you.

I'll tell when payment is ok.


Rizak (vatna) 01 Oct 2018, 14:43

Hi Alex,

Payment is done.

I have a question about footer :

Is there any way to display in the footer a different logo than the header's one?
Thank you

Alex Support (Admin) 02 Oct 2018, 11:48

Hi. I've got payment. Thank you.
Yes you can change the footer logo. It's not difficult. I can do that for free for you ;)

Rizak (vatna) 02 Oct 2018, 18:12

Hi Alex,

Nice thank you!
New logos are coming, i let you know in time.


Rizak (vatna) 04 Oct 2018, 03:18

Hi Alex,

Here is the logo i would like in footer.
Could you tell where i can change this by myself too?
I have few tests to do then.

Thank you

30 rouge exemplaires noir.png (311.2 KiB)
Alex Support (Admin) 04 Oct 2018, 09:02

How do you want to see it? i suppose image centered ?
I think you need white text color :)

Rizak (vatna) 04 Oct 2018, 13:24

Hi Alex,

I changed background and slogan color, it's fine like this for the moment. Thank you

But tell me please where i can change the picture, i have like 7 versions of the new logo...
I would like to test them by myself and talk about this with my team.


Rizak (vatna) 04 Oct 2018, 14:46

Ok, i found logo_footer.tpl

The thing happens there, Am I right?

Alex Support (Admin) 04 Oct 2018, 14:46

Oh I forgot to write HowTo manual for you :) 1) Just replace the file "img/30_rouge _exemplaires_noir_150.png" on the ftp
2) change the image path to your here /themes/alysum/templates/_partials/logo_footer.tpl
3) change path to your image in the BO>Localisation>Translation>Theme translation>Shop>Theme>Links

Rizak (vatna) 04 Oct 2018, 14:50

It happens here ;-)

Thank you for help Alex


Rizak (vatna) 04 Oct 2018, 15:02

Ok i just changed picture in logo footer.tpl –> way n°1 i guess

The other ones are frightening me ;-)

Thank you!

Rizak (vatna) 04 Oct 2018, 15:29

Did you do anything to the footer Alex?

Footer logo is out now, it was ok like 30 mins ago...

Humm, it seems to be "versatile" –> works now

Alex Support (Admin) 04 Oct 2018, 16:27

What's wrong with the footer? Everything seems fine for me
Make a screenshot please

Rizak (vatna) 04 Oct 2018, 16:34

Yea sorry, the logo/footer layout went out for a while, without reason...
I re-upload picture and file.tpl, and everything is ok now.

i'll tell if the thing happens agin, i hope no...

Thank you!

Rizak (vatna) 04 Oct 2018, 17:43

Hi Alex,

I happens this –> 1.jpg
Bottom logo is out or partialy displayed, i don't get it ...
If you keep on navigating, the thing is fine again, i don't understand why this happen sometimes

Why? Could you fix?

Thank you

1.JPG (563.3 KiB)
Rizak (vatna) 04 Oct 2018, 17:56

Got it

The logo is away on cms page, it works on dynamic pages.
Any idea?

Rizak (vatna) 04 Oct 2018, 22:07


Absolute path in footer tpl was the point.


Rizak (vatna) 05 Oct 2018, 11:59

Hi Alex,

Could you tell me again where can i change slogan footer??

I can't remember, too many things in my head ...

Thank you

Alex Support (Admin) 06 Oct 2018, 21:45

BO>Localisation>Translation>Theme translation>Shop>Theme>Links

Rizak (vatna) 06 Oct 2018, 22:43

Hi Alex,

Nothing there, where is it then??

Alex Support (Admin) 08 Oct 2018, 10:02

Yep, sorry
it comes from here clip2net.comclipm33509012ec-clip-138kb.jpg
Theme Settings> Logo

Rizak (vatna) 08 Oct 2018, 12:00

Ok nice thank you Alex