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Ticket #12691 - Update


We are planning to update both theme Alysum and Prestashop version 1.7 in the website

Actual versions are:

Theme: TS v.1.7.5 | Alysum v.5.1.5

Do you offer this service? Can we have a quote for doing these tasks? Would it be neccesary to mount a testing server for the update?

Best regards.

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Marek (marek) 10 Aug 2018, 12:14

Please make a backup before, then I can help you with update. It will cost 10-15 euro depending on time

nacho (neich78) 10 Aug 2018, 13:29

Hi Marek,

I have daily scheduled backups for both database and files, no problem. The only thing are orders, which should be copied just in case. Please, go for it but tell me in advance when are you going to do it to tell the client. It would be nice to do the update very early in the morning.

Please, also note that there are some customizations in theme (css, product page, footer, etc.).

Thank you very much

OK MAREK, can we schedule the update for this night? Go ahead.

Marek (marek) 10 Aug 2018, 15:04

All customisations can be overridden. But you can restore necessary files from your backup. As for orders, don't worry, the update don't touch any customers data.
If it's ok with override, I can start