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Ticket #12802 - Translation missing in wirepayment module

Hi Marek,
I see that there are no all translation’s fields to compile in translation about wirepayment module (15 expression) in PS
I check that in previously versione there are 20 expression so I can’t translate some parts. I know that problem is about PS original and I have already ask in prestashop forum and community but I also ask to you because perhaps you have a solution about this.
In attached file you can see what I mean

Schermata 2018-08-28 alle 17.... (131.1 KiB)

This ticket does not depend on any other tickets.

Alessandro Borsani (AleBTstudio) 28 Aug 2018, 17:36

The expressions that I have to change are below the table in last step of checkout that you can see in attached file.
Thank you a lot fo r your work

Schermata 2018-08-28 alle 17.... (418.4 KiB)
Marek (marek) 29 Aug 2018, 11:47

Strange issue, it must be available in back office but doesn't appear, I have tried to find out the reason but no success. Let me know if you get some solution on community forum

Alessandro Borsani (AleBTstudio) 29 Aug 2018, 12:15

I ask and someone has already answered me that he never saw something like this!!! Perfect!!! I checked all other prestashop I made (previously ver yhan and there are 20 expression instead 15)... very strange...
Sure I tell you asap i know...

Marek (marek) 29 Aug 2018, 12:16

I'll try to figure out what's wrong

Alessandro Borsani (AleBTstudio) 29 Aug 2018, 13:43

Thank you Marek, I appraciate a lot your work!

Marek (marek) 29 Aug 2018, 16:57

spent some time, but no success.
I see the following http://take.ms/bVQFM and I have no idea why it happens

Alessandro Borsani (AleBTstudio) 30 Aug 2018, 18:54

Thank you, I'm waiting from Prestashop support....