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  • Priority: Medium
  • Status: Closed
  • Closed by: Marek (marek)
  • Closed on: 12.12.18, 15:53
  • Reason: Closed
  • Comment: Glad to help!

Ticket #12880 - huge problem with addresses of customers

Hi Marek,
Now that I’m online I have a very huge problem!!!
I have deleted all customers and addresses before to go online. And I make it some times before to chechek that all was ok.
If you try to make an order with Express Checkout after you have put a product in the cart, you can compile fields name, surname and mail address. Then if you compile also address’fields al go right. But after you delete all products in cart and re-make a new order like guest (checkout express). After you will compile name, surname and mail adress you will find “your address” already compile with an address that probably PS foundes in your database.

I see a very strange situation that you can see in BO–>customer—>adresses: you will see another address (with ID different from ID sequential correct that counts new customers)
I attached the file to explain better and I hope you can help me because now that I’m online I need to fix this important issue.

I test in a test site with PS template base and all works good but I’m sure that before to go online all works good because I make a lot of test. I think that delete order, customer and cart make something wrong on my database.

I need your help, I hope you can give me a solution now that i have customers ready to buy.


Schermata 2018-09-08 alle 22.... (280.1 KiB)

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Alessandro Borsani (AleBTstudio) 08 Sep 2018, 23:00

Please Marek try to make a express checkout also without conclude the order and paymaent, after you remake order with express checkout and you would see the problem. I hope to explain, for any question pls contact me.

Thank you

Alessandro Borsani (AleBTstudio) 09 Sep 2018, 00:05

I see in myPHPadmin databse table of address and I attached the file to explain and I hope to help you to understand

Schermata 2018-09-09 alle 00.... (1.8 MiB)
Alessandro Borsani (AleBTstudio) 09 Sep 2018, 00:28

this is scrennshot of guest and customer in database

Schermata 2018-09-09 alle 00.... (1.14 MiB)
Schermata 2018-09-09 alle 00.... (1.1 MiB)
Marek (marek) 09 Sep 2018, 21:53

Hi, Alessandro.
Sorry for the delay. I was out these days on weekend. I'll back to you tomorrow in the morning.

Alessandro Borsani (AleBTstudio) 10 Sep 2018, 09:34

Hi Marek, no problem!
I only hope that you can advise me a solution because this is a problem for me now that I have to start with sales.
Someone in Prestashop's comunity advises me to install PS cleaner module to verify that DB is not damage. But I prefer to know your idea before to make something wrong.
Thank you

Marek (marek) 10 Sep 2018, 10:14

Do you mean this?

Alessandro Borsani (AleBTstudio) 10 Sep 2018, 11:36

Hi Marek, sorry for delay, I was busy for a meeting.
Yes, You have saw that addresses autocompile.

Marek (marek) 10 Sep 2018, 12:10

Honestly I have no idea what's wrong. I see such issue first time.
First what we ned to do is to figure out what cause the problem, theme or prestashop core.
The best way to do that is to switch back to Classic prestashop theme and check out the issue there. But it could change some store settings what you configured, so would be better to make development version of your store and did it there to be safe.

Alessandro Borsani (AleBTstudio) 10 Sep 2018, 12:20

Hi marek, but I have already a site that I can use like a test. But I am sure that during a development of the site I make a lot of test and this problem there isn't. So I think that when I deleted all customers,cart,... data something goes wrong and generated the issue.
Prestashop community advises me to install PS cleaner module and I already installed this module but I have to be sure that it doesn't delete my catalog.

Marek (marek) 10 Sep 2018, 12:22

Is it hard for you to make a copy of your store to make tests there?

Alessandro Borsani (AleBTstudio) 10 Sep 2018, 12:29

I have a site to test at following address What have I to do? because I have the backup file and database of my site but I think that I can't copy this in my test site but i have to migrate.
Do you know a simply mode to make a copy of my site in other domain or subdomain?

Thank you

Marek (marek) 10 Sep 2018, 12:30

Is there such issue exists?

Alessandro Borsani (AleBTstudio) 10 Sep 2018, 12:40

Yes also in PS.17.4.2 with Alysum theme installed like you find in you find a issue
In attached file you can see the problem. I have not put address but I have just make a order like a guest and I find address already compile from previously data that I don't know where prestashop brings.

If you make a order at you can se the issue (remember to make order like a guest and after you delete your cart and remake an order with new guest and you will see the issue)

I hope to explain the problem

Marek (marek) 10 Sep 2018, 12:43

Try to switch to Classic theme and test it out

Alessandro Borsani (AleBTstudio) 10 Sep 2018, 12:46

ok I try now and after I'll write you

Alessandro Borsani (AleBTstudio) 10 Sep 2018, 13:19

I checked and I see this:
- in PS with default theme if you compile a new guest (with express checkout) for the first time all ok but if you remake an order with guest (and you have not delete all navigation data) after you have put name, last name and mail you find the address already compile and I think this is a problem of core Prestashop or about cache of browser that you autocompile because you have not delete cache (or data navigation) beetween a guest order and next one.
- in my shop I also see that I have an ID adress not sequential. Please check the attached file. Do you think that If I delete all table in DB (guest,customer,address) is not a solution?

Schermata 2018-09-10 alle 13.... (212.8 KiB)
Marek (marek) 10 Sep 2018, 13:27

You don't have to delete database tables, you can only delete table data. The table must be there and be empty. Please try.

Alessandro Borsani (AleBTstudio) 10 Sep 2018, 14:21

OK I try now. Have you understand the problem what i mean?
I think that checkout express who memorized data with browser cache is not great solution... (about PS i mean)

Marek (marek) 10 Sep 2018, 14:28

Yes, I see, I also think so, but I have no idea hoe to change that

Alessandro Borsani (AleBTstudio) 10 Sep 2018, 14:42

Marek, now it seems to go rights. Like in default template PS. Now I try to make a lot of test and after I tell you another time.
I have deleted all fielsd in DB.

But the problem with ID in guest now is not duplicated but ID doesn't restart with number 1...

Alessandro Borsani (AleBTstudio) 10 Sep 2018, 18:23

Ciao Marek.... I think to have fixed the problem. I have also installed PScleaner module of native Prestahop addons. With module you can delete all DB data like customer, guest, cart.... but main important function is: optimization and verify of functional integrity of your DB.
I advice to use this to give a optimization and now it seems to work good. I wanted to share solution because I think that is always important in support cases. Thank you

Marek (marek) 11 Sep 2018, 11:20

Hi, Alessandro.
I'm glad the problem is solved. I have long time experience with Prestashop and never see such issue. But ok, I'll keep this ticket for future
Good luck

Alessandro Borsani (AleBTstudio) 11 Sep 2018, 12:11

Ciao Marek, also me I use PS from 2006. But DB issue probably has been generated from delete some order and addresses from BO and not from PHP my admin directly in the table and this maybe the cause.
But the problem about browser cache that memorized address if you make 2 consequential order by guests is a problem in all PS version (have you tried?) and this is a issue that I think prestashop's developper must fix.
Don't you think?


Marek (marek) 11 Sep 2018, 12:12

Yes, I agree with your conclusion