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Ticket #12902 - Switch off "add to cart" products with combination

Hi Marek,
I have this problem that a customer ask to me:

- I have products with attributes (combinations) in my catalogue and in home page or in category page if someone goes with mouse on miniauture of product he can see “add to cart” button but in this way customers add to cart only products with default combination and they can’t select any attributes. So I have disabled function from BO (shop parameters→product settings) but this function doesn’t work. I try same function on PS with base template and it work.

In attached file you can see better what i mean.

Please let me know.

thank you so much

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Marek (marek) 13 Sep 2018, 12:06

Do you mean "Allow ordering of out-of-stock product" option?

Alessandro Borsani (AleBTstudio) 13 Sep 2018, 12:15

No Marek,
I mean:
when a product has some attributes (like size or colors) if you click on "add to cart" button PS put in cart product with default combination that you have selected in BO.
In this way customer makes an error because he can't select attributes.
The function that I have indicated to you in screenshots it would must allow or disable this function but I don't see any changes.

I hope explain better...

Let me know

Thank you

Marek (marek) 13 Sep 2018, 12:16

Ok, I see. I'll try to find a solution as soon as possible

Alessandro Borsani (AleBTstudio) 13 Sep 2018, 12:19

Thank you!!! probably with Alysum theme some overrides don't allow this function. Thank you very much Marek!!

Marek (marek) 13 Sep 2018, 12:59

The issue has been fixed. Please check it out

Alessandro Borsani (AleBTstudio) 13 Sep 2018, 14:35

Hi Marek, I don't see any changes.. Have I to make something?
Let me know, thank you

Marek (marek) 13 Sep 2018, 14:58

Try now, it was a cache issue

Alessandro Borsani (AleBTstudio) 13 Sep 2018, 15:05

Hi Marek, Probably the cache generated issue.
But I see in homepage issue yet (probbly you have not fix on widget) and now I see a "o" ner "add cart" button like you can see in attached file below:

Alessandro Borsani (AleBTstudio) 13 Sep 2018, 16:02

Now it works properly also in home page.I think you have fixed all.
If is correct what i'm telling you can close this thread

Thank you Marek for you work!!