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  • Closed on: 12.12.18, 16:00
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Ticket #12904 - pk_fullpageslider - gif support

Hi Marek,

I am trying to add .gif as a slider but it doesn’t look like the slider accept this type of files. Is there anything that I can do to be able to add gif slider?

An the other question is - how can I completely turn off description effects on the slider?

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Marek (marek) 13 Sep 2018, 16:46

That is not really good edit to use gif images because it will have huge size.
to remove slide description try following CSS:

body .tp-caption {display:none}
Lisa Keeling (Lissea) 13 Sep 2018, 17:45

Hi Marek, probably I didn't explain myself properly before. It's not description that we want to remove. It's animation effect.

Marek (marek) 14 Sep 2018, 11:08

I suppose that is my English level doesn't allow me to understand you correctly :) Try the following fix:
Open the file


find the line:

<div class="slide-content animated {$slide.text_animation}">

and replace it with

<div class="slide-content">