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Ticket #12965 - Many error Alysum Prestashpp 1.6

Hello to the team,

I have many issue with the alysum theme for prestashop 1.6

1 / The module “Contact information” Bloc Contact in english is working but the modifications in this module do not appear in the Display hook nav because in my opinion it has been fixed. ( see attached file)
2 / Likewise in the modules Simple Blog, Manufacturers, the modifications of images in BO are not displayed in FO because the modules are fixed.
The images are downloaded in BO and Ftp but do not display in FO (see attached file).
3 / Moreover the carousel manufacturers no longer work.
4 / the “Theme Setting” Hook no longer works when I create new product listings. ex of link in BO
https://www.ilovhair.fr/admin123/index.php?controller=AdminProducts&id_product=15&updateproduct&token=65bbb9622a4dea35b4b161f271173965 https://www.ilovhair.fr/admin123/index.php?controller=AdminProducts&id_product=18&updateproduct&token=65bbb9622a4dea35b4b161f271173965

Link example that worked before
https://www.ilovhair.fr/admin123/index.php?controller=AdminProducts&id_product=6&updateproduct&token=65bbb9622a4dea35b4b161f271173965 https://www.ilovhair.fr/admin123/index.php?controller=AdminProducts&id_product=8&updateproduct&token=65bbb9622a4dea35b4b161f271173965

Now all changes to the theme setting are not saved for all products

Thank you in advance for your help

issue with the BlocContact in... (109.8 KiB)
simple blog issue.JPG (183.8 KiB)
issue manufacturers hook caro... (99.9 KiB)

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Sandrine T (lolyllop) 24 Sep 2018, 18:45

maybe the problem also comes from HT access. I know that thanks to another developer some Alysum modules that did not work (error 404) worked after modification of the HTaccess or maybe of the Index ?

I need you more I can always have problems, please. thank you

Marek (marek) 25 Sep 2018, 13:58

Do you use some cache module or services except native prestashop options? I don't see any changes in your front page, it seems a cache is enabled somewhere

Sandrine T (lolyllop) 25 Sep 2018, 16:26

Hi Marek,

I have a "page cache" module that I just deactivated but the anomalies remain present.
Images uploaded to BO are not displayed in FO The carousel manufacturers do not work. It worked before I added new manufacturers. It also worked when the "Page Cache" module was enabled.
The Contact block in the DisplayNav hook did not display the changes before I purchased the "Page Cache" module
All these problems were present before Page Cache.
Theme Setting in the products doesn't works too

Marek (marek) 26 Sep 2018, 11:16

I just changed contact information in the Theme settings and it changed in Front page http://take.ms/uB64m

There is no manufacturers carousel because there is only four items, so nothing to scroll