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Ticket #12969 - Menu


I have 2, 3 question,

the first :
1- How to add or delete the icone in the picture number 1

The second:
2- How to change “Venedor lower the first in the web” (pic 2)

The third et the most important
3- How to create menu like demo : http://venedor.promokit.eu/blue/en/ pic 3 and pic 4

Thank you

PS: if you have this in documentation, Thanks to give me the direct link

pic 1.png (5.1 KiB)
pic 2.png (119.6 KiB)
pic 3.jpg (288.8 KiB)
pic 4.jpg (282.5 KiB)

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Marek (marek) 26 Sep 2018, 12:37

Hi, Aghi.
1. Go to Category and find there "Menu thumbnails" option
2. Go to Theme settings → Logo
3. See out video tutorial here https://venedor.promokit.eu/documentation/#!/pk_flexmenu

Aghi (amalive1) 26 Sep 2018, 13:46

Thank you
1- I dont dind ""Menu thumbnails" option"
3- I do it before yesterday but not the same result

Marek (marek) 27 Sep 2018, 11:46

Sorry, that is the option from Prestashop 1.7
It's a bit complicated feature in Prestashop 1.6.
You have to upload category icon to your server into the folder /modules/pk_themesettings/images/upload/
Image name must be like this: 91-3.jpg
where first number is category ID and second one is SHOP ID

Aghi (amalive1) 27 Sep 2018, 12:01

your reply is about my question number 3 ?

Marek (marek) 27 Sep 2018, 12:43

I just added 3 parent categories to the "cotton" menu, please take a look

Aghi (amalive1) 01 Oct 2018, 20:55


it s okay for the second and Third question,

but the first question, I have not checked yet

Thank you

Aghi (amalive1) 01 Oct 2018, 20:57

Vous parlez français en fait ?

Aghi (amalive1) 01 Oct 2018, 21:13
Aghi (amalive1) 02 Oct 2018, 08:20

it s okay for question number 4,
I found the solution

Marek (marek) 02 Oct 2018, 13:13

Great, so only the question about menu icon is not solved now?

Aghi (amalive1) 08 Oct 2018, 11:44

Hello all is ok in the last questions
but I have a problem, I can t see sliders in front office !
the module is active

Aghi (amalive1) 08 Oct 2018, 16:10

another pb in home page,
When I click "special" the page does not change

and there is a css pb (I think) in contact page

Marek (marek) 08 Oct 2018, 21:05

Please try now, it should work