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Ticket #13320 - Demo import


i just bought your Alysum theme and i want to import the “classic demo”, but this is the error i see:

Error in SQL syntax! INSERT INTO `ecomm_revslider_attachment_images` (`ID`, `file_name`) VALUES (4, ‘classic_slider_img01.jpg’), (5, ‘classic_slider_img02.jpg’), (6, ‘column-slider-01.jpg’)

Best regards

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Dennis Fall (Dennis95) 04 Dec 2018, 23:15

PS i saw that error and i cant see the slider

Marek (marek) 04 Dec 2018, 23:16

Hi, Dennis.
That is not an Demo import option, that is just Slider import option. But yes it doesn’t works for you in any case. You can try to reset Revolution slider. Just uninstall and install it back

Dennis Fall (Dennis95) 05 Dec 2018, 00:52

Yes, thanks i fixed it!

I found an issue with my menu, i set up it to 50 eight with white text but it doesnt seems modify it

Best regards

Marek (marek) 05 Dec 2018, 10:44

Hi, Dennis.
Could you please take a screenshot of the issue?

Dennis Fall (Dennis95) 05 Dec 2018, 16:01

EDIT: I Solved the problem of image 1 and 2.

Checking images 3 and 4, i’ve 2 different errors, 1 on my left widget where ma products title dont start a new line, and a second problem where i’ve this error: could not render ps_specials.
I’m trying to use a pop-up message too but the module seem doesnt works

Best regards

1.PNG (11.1 KiB)
2.PNG (39.6 KiB)
3.PNG (168.2 KiB)
4.PNG (15 KiB)
Marek (marek) 06 Dec 2018, 09:19

Hi, Dennis Fall.
3. Yes, product title there have only one line to keep static height of the block. But I can change that, just give me a link to see it.
4. Please make sure the module ps_specials is installed and enabled

Dennis Fall (Dennis95) 06 Dec 2018, 13:16


3. Sure, the link is https://wegeek.shop/

4. I’ve no ps_specials module, it isnt integrated with the theme?

5/6. Another problem i found is that on desktop version non 1920×1080, for ex a 1360px the logo size is very small for n oreason, i attach the screens

7. Is there a default “shop” page?

Best regards!

5.PNG (30.5 KiB)
6.PNG (18.6 KiB)
Marek (marek) 07 Dec 2018, 16:58

3. Try following CSS fix:

.widget-products .ellipsis {white-space:normal}

4. It’s a native prestashop module “Special Products” it’s available with any prestashop installation
5. try this:

@media (max-width:1400px) and (min-width:1024px){
  body #header .logo {
    max-width: 350px

7. There is no such page in Prestashop

Dennis Fall (Dennis95) 07 Dec 2018, 17:38

You are awesome!

All is fixed, about the special products module i dont have it, is there a way to download it?
How can i abilitate this sidebar widget https://alysum5.promokit.eu/classic/en/66-casual-dresses on my pages? https://wegeek.shop/it/66-mondo-orientale

Thanks a lot!

Marek (marek) 08 Dec 2018, 10:22

Please fill out all necessary fields in your profile https://support.promokit.eu/index.php?do=myprofile to access to your back office I’ll check out the module

Dennis Fall (Dennis95) 08 Dec 2018, 21:32


Thanks Best regards

PS: The search function with “enter” is perfect, but i see that he can search the products while i’m writing, but it is actually stucked in an infinite loop until i press enter

Marek (marek) 10 Dec 2018, 11:47

I see a blank page in your store. Could you please check it out?

Dennis Fall (Dennis95) 10 Dec 2018, 17:31

Sorry i fixed it
Best regards

Marek (marek) 11 Dec 2018, 14:36

Now search works fine

Dennis Fall (Dennis95) 11 Dec 2018, 14:45

Thanks a lot!
I didn’t find in the documentation how to create an AMP menu, that it is actually offline, can i have this information?

Best regards

Marek (marek) 11 Dec 2018, 14:47
Dennis Fall (Dennis95) 11 Dec 2018, 14:52

Thanks, i had a different version of documentation with the download

Marek (marek) 11 Dec 2018, 14:56

we always trying to keep updated documentation on our server

Dennis Fall (Dennis95) 11 Dec 2018, 16:50

Sure, i save your link, thanks!
Maybe i can report a bug, the old prestashop version have problems in combination, like the product “Kokeshi con kimono e kanzashi” From desktop this product works fine, cause i installed a fix from prestashop 1.5 (without update it), and now for “L” size i can see different colors, but in the AMP version the bug still up, i see the “L size” with colors of “S” size
Is there a way to fix it?

Best regards

Dennis Fall (Dennis95) 11 Dec 2018, 18:00
Marek (marek) 11 Dec 2018, 23:31

Could you please give me direct link where I can test it out?

Dennis Fall (Dennis95) 11 Dec 2018, 23:35


this link from mobile: https://wegeek.shop/it/module/pk_amp/product?idProduct=19 and this from desktop: https://wegeek.shop/it/kokeshi/19-560-kokeshi-kimono-e-kanzashi.html#/1-dimensione_taglia-s/32-colore_kokeshi-blu_capelli_neri

Test “L Size”, it should Green and purple color like the desktop version instead of white, blue and pink color

Best regards!

Marek (marek) 13 Dec 2018, 12:47

“i installed a fix from prestashop 1.5” - could you please give me more information about this fix?

Dennis Fall (Dennis95) 13 Dec 2018, 14:30

Sure, this is the little fix: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/883456-combination-selection-error-ps-174x/ that solve this bug: http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/BOOM-6113

Debugging my site i realized that i had installed on my prestashop a version of revolution slider extremely old, like 1-2 years ago.
This could be a remain of another theme that i used, is it possible to have the zip file of the Alysum revolution slider to reinstall it?
And if possible the zip file of that “ps_specials” error that it’s in the homepage

Best regards!

Marek (marek) 13 Dec 2018, 14:43

But the fix is in the prestashop core files, I can’t implement it into the theme, you have to wait for a fix
You can download Alysum archive and take there revolution slider
You can find that module here https://github.com/PrestaShop/ps_specials

Dennis Fall (Dennis95) 13 Dec 2018, 15:11

No way to apply that fix on AMP version too?
Thanks, i fixed the specials and i’m checking into the theme files looking for the revslider folder, but i can’t find it

Best regards

Cattura.PNG (10.5 KiB)
Marek (marek) 14 Dec 2018, 14:57

1. But the fix is in the prestashop core files, I can’t implement in into the theme
2. see “dependencies” folder

Dennis Fall (Dennis95) 14 Dec 2018, 19:54

Thanks, i uploaded the module, but it doesnt seems working
Can you please check it?

Dennis Fall (Dennis95) 14 Dec 2018, 20:13


i’ve also this error:

Revolution Slider Error: You have some jquery.js library include that comes after the revolution files js include.
This includes make eliminates the revolution slider libraries, and make it not work.

To fix it you can:

  1. In the Slider Settings -> Troubleshooting set option: Put JS Includes To Body option to true.
  2. Find the double jquery.js include and remove it.
Marek (marek) 15 Dec 2018, 11:15

I do not see Revolution slider in your back office

Dennis Fall (Dennis95) 15 Dec 2018, 12:14

Yes, thats the problem, but ive uploaded It from dependencies to my module folder from FTP Best regards

Marek (marek) 15 Dec 2018, 12:19

You are doing some strains things, as for me. You just have to install the theme in "auto" mode, like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUDCclN7Kkw Why do you need to copy modules to your server separately?

Dennis Fall (Dennis95) 15 Dec 2018, 12:23

I exactly installed the theme in that way, but rev slider was missing, i had an old version of It but i had problems, so i uploaded It from the theme folder in FTP and It isnt working

Marek (marek) 15 Dec 2018, 12:24

Ok, I see. So I need to install Revolution slider and make it work, right?

Dennis Fall (Dennis95) 15 Dec 2018, 12:28

Yes if Possibile, or Just send the zip file to me and ill do It Best regards

Marek (marek) 15 Dec 2018, 12:29

I'll try by myself

Marek (marek) 15 Dec 2018, 13:16

the slider has been installed successfully but it doesn't work, seems like a conflict. If you are not using Visual Composer please deactivate it

Dennis Fall (Dennis95) 18 Dec 2018, 21:23

Yes, no way, i just unistalled it and all is working fine. Now i would update the theme, but i've this error: Theme Updates Something goes wrong, pelase try again The force compilation is activated, is there a way to fix it? Best regards

Marek (marek) 19 Dec 2018, 12:39

Please update all necessary fields in your profile https://support.promokit.eu/index.php?do=myprofile to access to your back office

Dennis Fall (Dennis95) 19 Dec 2018, 13:27

Hello, i updated it Best regards

Marek (marek) 20 Dec 2018, 12:29

I see the issue, but unfortunately have no idea why it doesn't work. I have make a test on localhost, our demo server and one customer, and all works fine. So you can try to make an update manually.

Dennis Fall (Dennis95) 22 Dec 2018, 22:01

Thanks a lot anyway, i fixed it, the ajax file into pk_themesettings it was 666 and not 644 Best regards

Marek (marek) 23 Dec 2018, 10:07