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  • Theme: Alysum
  • Assigned To: Marek
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  • Open Date: 10.12.18, 17:22
  • Opened by: leandro bellani
  • Closed by: Marek
  • Closed on: 01.02.19, 12:04
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Ticket #13351 - contact form

how do I set the “contact form” and how do I insert it on a page?

thank you


leandro bellani 11 Dec 2018, 12:35

thank you, I set the form but I can not find contact form, where can I find my form to insert it in the pages?
how does it work?

thank you
kind regards

Marek 11 Dec 2018, 12:42

Now I see. You have defined wrong link. Now it’s correct

leandro bellani 11 Dec 2018, 12:55

to understand what was the correct one? Where do I manage it? colors voices, email?
sorry i’m new to Prestashop

thank you
kind regards

Marek 11 Dec 2018, 13:05

You can find an answer in our documentation https://alysum5.promokit.eu/promokit/documentation/#faq

leandro bellani 12 Dec 2018, 10:24

sorry but I don’t understand very well, I have set in my contact page the form “Load prestashop module” and I have set it on “contactform” now the contact form has appeared; but where this form is connected I can’t understand it:
I went on “store parameter” →. “Contact” I added a voice but I do not understand how to connect my form to the form and how to personalize it (voices, colors, privacy, cookies, etc.). I cann’t find this informations from the link you sent me. Also when I write an email to that form the page doesn’t load, it becomes white, without telling me that the message has been sent, and I don’t know where it arrives.

I hope I explained myself.

thank you
kind regards

Marek 12 Dec 2018, 12:35

You can’t edit Contact page with Page builder. Contact page is a static page. You can change the form as well

leandro bellani 12 Dec 2018, 15:54

Thanks for the reply.
how to page builder? I do not understand what you mean. can you make me a screenshot?
thank you

Marek 12 Dec 2018, 16:38

The main what I said is that there is no option in back office to edit contact page layout

leandro bellani 13 Dec 2018, 15:07

ah ok sorry, but I need to create a contact form with privacy etc., how can I do? does a form exist?

Marek 13 Dec 2018, 15:08

you have to find some additional module for that, there is no option to create custom forms in prestashop

leandro bellani 13 Dec 2018, 15:47

ok, when i prove a send to me a message with contact form, the message doesn’t arrive to my email that I have set, and if I go customer care –> order messages there are all my messages (which however I do not receive from my email) and when I reply to the customer from the “customer service” page gives me error “500 Internal Server Error”.

look at screenshots.



Schermata 2018-12-13 alle 15.... (98.2 KiB)
Schermata 2018-12-13 alle 15.... (98.2 KiB)
Schermata 2018-12-13 alle 15.... (98.2 KiB)
Marek 14 Dec 2018, 14:41

Please enable “Debug Mode” and see the error text, it will allow us to understand the reason

leandro bellani 14 Dec 2018, 15:10

are you referring to this?

in this version (that is, with the boxes checked on “no”) he makes that mistake (he does not tell me that he sends a message but sends it, I do not get the personal email to me, and if I try to reply from the site it gives me error 505 ).

with the boxes set to “YES” instead it does not send me the message directly.

please try to say more details.
thank you


Schermata 2018-12-14 alle 15.... (64 KiB)
Marek 14 Dec 2018, 15:16

I see the error now.
Please fill out all necessary fields in your profile https://support.promokit.eu/index.php?do=myprofile to access to your server through FTP I’ll try to make a fix

leandro bellani 14 Dec 2018, 15:19

which error?

I have to understand, I was going to buy another Alysum for another site so I have to understand why it doesn’t work.

Marek 14 Dec 2018, 15:21
leandro bellani 14 Dec 2018, 15:29

I just sent an email from the form of the theme I did not do anything

Marek 14 Dec 2018, 15:30

I do not understand, do you need our help or not? I just need access to theme files to fix that

leandro bellani 14 Dec 2018, 15:36

of course! I’ve updated the credentials, but for me it is also important to understand what happened and why.

thank you

Marek 14 Dec 2018, 15:37

I have to understand that first, than I can explain it for you

Marek 14 Dec 2018, 15:43

I have found out that is a prestashop bug (not related to the theme): https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/issues/10640 http://take.ms/xCb7d

Marek 14 Dec 2018, 15:43

As you can see there, they seems fixed that in the next update

leandro bellani 14 Dec 2018, 16:22

in the link you gave me I read that I have to reinstall “php-intl extension” but how do I do it? what should I do?

thank you

Marek 14 Dec 2018, 16:26

That is not related nor to the theme nor to the prestashop. You have to ask your hosting provider to help you with that

leandro bellani 19 Dec 2018, 09:50

I installed “php-intl extension” and now the emails and newsletters are sent correctly.

The problem remains that when I send them from my new page that I have created to “contatti” or in any case where I put the contact form through the “Load Prestashop Module”, the site refers to the default page “Contattaci” of the theme telling me that message was sent, or in some cases telling me that the message was NOT sent correctly, then I try to send it from the “Contattaci” page by default of the theme and at this point the email is sent.

This is not good, it must remain on my contact page “Contatti”.

Why does the module go to another page?
How can I solve?

attached screenshot

thank you


1.png (503.7 KiB)
2.png (361.6 KiB)
3.png (306.6 KiB)
Marek 19 Dec 2018, 11:43

Yes, I see the issue, working on that right now...

Marek 19 Dec 2018, 18:31

So, I spent almost whole day for that issue and facing the issue on your server. I don’t know why, but your server blocks all requests to Ajax files, for example this one:

And here is the same file in our server https://alysum5.promokit.eu/module/pk_contact/ajax

As you can see your server responds with 404 Error.
Could you please ask your hosting provider support to check out what’s wrong and fix that.

leandro bellani 21 Dec 2018, 09:10

Hi Marek,
the hosting’s support tried to send the email from the page, clicking on the “sent” button but, they found that the page that is called to send the email (http://agrishoponline.it/module/pk_contact/ajax) is not present on the server.

Instead, on the server there’s a directory called “modules” (not “module”), and in this directory the “ajax” directory is not present.

So, please tell me how to fix that.

Do i have to reinstall something ?

Kind regards,

Marek 21 Dec 2018, 10:48

The path is correct 100%. Prestashop use URLs rewriting http://take.ms/HmBBS, you can read more about that here https://devdocs.prestashop.com/1.7/modules/concepts/controllers/front-controllers/ The real path is “/modules/pk_contact/controllers/front/ajax.php”

leandro bellani 21 Dec 2018, 17:17

Hi marek, i've debugged the page with a program called Fiddler, and i found these things: 1) When i click on the first button "Invia", in the POST is called the wrong page /module/pk_contact/ajax, and obviously it raised a "404 error not found", cause the correct page is the one that you mentioned in your previous answer. look at screenshots. So, how can i manage these buttons? How can i modify the buttons? Thank you in advance


unnamed.png (38.5 KiB)
unnamed-1.png (146 KiB)
unnamed-1.png (146 KiB)
Marek 21 Dec 2018, 22:47

Honestly, I do not understand what are you doing. From my experience, your issue always being solved on hosting side, because something blocks the script. All paths are correct, there are no any problems with that, so you have to ask you hosting support to help you with that

leandro bellani 23 Dec 2018, 22:55

hi marek as you said, we opened a ticket to the hosting support for the url rewriting function. Another question: i tried to use the "contactform" module in the page "contatti", but isn't usable from that page. There's not possibility to use it wherever i want? I have to use only the pk-contact module? Kind regards,

Marek 24 Dec 2018, 10:48

But I see "contactform" module on that page http://take.ms/upac5

leandro bellani 24 Dec 2018, 10:57

yes, you see it there, but is not working, if you send a email from there... the page "Contattaci" is loaded with an error, can you explain me why? Try to send a email from there and you will see. Kind regards,

Marek 24 Dec 2018, 11:17

The module "contactform" is a native prestashop module and it seems works correctly only on "contact" page - https://agrishoponline.it/it/contattaci

leandro bellani 24 Dec 2018, 11:27

ok, so I can not put it on any other page? and where can I change contactform information?

Marek 24 Dec 2018, 11:29

Here is it https://alysum5.promokit.eu/promokit/documentation/#faq3

leandro bellani 27 Dec 2018, 09:24

thanks and to change, customize the page contact us how can I do? also where do I manage / delete the product category sidebar on the left? look at the screenshot. Another question is: I added google API but my map keeps running around and I do not find where to insert the coordinates as you told me before (2. "Theme Settings" → "Contact Page" Put coordinates of your store and save.). could you check please? please step by step.


Schermata 2018-12-27 alle 09.... (229 KiB)
Marek 27 Dec 2018, 12:44

Again, you can find a reply in our documentation https://alysum5.promokit.eu/promokit/documentation/#faq7 As for Google Maps Try to put direct coordinates into the Theme Settings → contact

leandro bellani 27 Dec 2018, 14:06

again, I repeat that I put the API code follow your guide and does not work if you can check?

Marek 27 Dec 2018, 14:22

Have you tried to follow my advice?