• Priority: Medium
  • Status: Closed
  • Theme: Alysum
  • Assigned To: Alex
  • Private: No
  • Open Date: 17.12.18, 09:56
  • Opened by: Daniel Kolb
  • Closed by: Marek
  • Closed on: 15.01.19, 19:30
  • Reason: Closed
  • Comment: Glad to help!

Ticket #13385 - Is it possible to put in a horizontal image gallery on the product page?

Hello there dear Alysum Team, Hello Marek,

We are currently working on a new variation of the product (details) page. For our customization we want to implement a horizontal image gallery on the product page instead of the vertical active one (image attached).
Unfortunately the code seems to be encrypted. Do you think you can help us implement the horizontal image gallery on the product page?

Thank you very mich in advance!

Kind regards


vertical image gallery.png (915.8 KiB)


Alex 17 Dec 2018, 11:28

Hi. I can help you to make this modification. It will cost about 15 euro.
If it’s ok for you I need access to your FTP.

Daniel Kolb 17 Dec 2018, 14:38

Hello Alex,

Thank you very much for your help - 15 Euro sound good also.

To which E-Mail address should I send the FTP access to?

Kind regards!

Alex 18 Dec 2018, 01:51

you can fill it on this site in your profile or write to my email that you see in my profile :)

Daniel Kolb 18 Dec 2018, 14:40

I’m afraid there seems to be no email address I can see on your profile. I send my enquiry regarding this ticket to “[email protected]” earlier today.

Alex 18 Dec 2018, 15:46

My email is [email protected]
Send it there please ;)

Daniel Kolb 19 Dec 2018, 13:40

I Send it there- thanks again :)

Alex 19 Dec 2018, 22:48

Yes, I’ve got it. I think tomorrow I will have a time for this modification

Daniel Kolb 21 Dec 2018, 10:21

That would be great, thank you!

Alex 22 Dec 2018, 13:49

Hi. Sorry for waiting.
Made modification. Please check on the site.

I also fixed your custom code. There was a few mistakes
Now it’s ok https://c2n.me/3YN56B5

The modification costs 20 euro because there was a few layout problems and plus changed your custom code ;) Is it ok?
Please check if everything ok I will create invoice for you.

Also if you need some other my help you can write me back. ;) Best wishes and happy holidays!

Alex 06 Jan 2019, 11:36

Hi. Is everything ok? I didn’t get any feedback from you

Daniel Kolb 11 Jan 2019, 14:10

Hello Alex,

Sorry for the delayed answer, I got sick over the holidays until now. 20€ is fine, feel free to send us the invoice towards [email protected]

For any other inquiry we will contact you again, thanks!

Daniel Kolb 11 Jan 2019, 14:58

Hello again Alex,

before you send that invoice, my colleague who is working on the shop just told me that the changes of your images (horizontal image gallery) are currently not in there anymore. Also our custom code did not have any mistakes, everything was quite intentional there (custom design), but do not worry about those.
Could you have a look at the horizontal images beforehand? Thank you very much!

Best regards

Alex 11 Jan 2019, 15:34

Hi Daniel. I’ve removed my customization yesterday :) because I didn’t get payment and feedback from you for a long time.
Please pay here 20 euro and I will put my code. If there will be some issues I will fix it for free.
I’ve send invoice to the email that in your profile (sorry I didn’t notice the emaile [email protected])

Write me back here please after payment and I will put my modifications to the site ;)

Daniel Kolb 14 Jan 2019, 14:55

Hello there Alex,

we transferred the money a couple of days ago. Can you reinsert your code and send me an invoice / bill (we need it for our taxes)?

Thank you very much in advance!

Alex 14 Jan 2019, 18:46

Hi. I’ve send the invoice to your email [email protected]
and added the code to the site
and made the same as it was in your design concept ;)
Please check and write me back if there some problems.

Daniel Kolb 15 Jan 2019, 18:11

Hello Alex,
the code looks great and thank you for the invoice.

Kind regards!