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  • Open Date: 08.01.19, 23:55
  • Opened by: jou tarrat
  • Closed by: Marek
  • Closed on: 21.01.19, 22:11
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Ticket #13503 - some errors in card page


1- when you are in the card, the quantity buttons appears empty. how to see an arrow or something like that to know that a button is to increase quantity and the other is to decrease quantity? in additon, the delete X is not aligned... so, it’s possible to align center alll the text and icons?

you can logging to make a cart using that: user “[email protected]” with this password “12345678” in website http://pro.dareels.com/en/2-home

2- I would like to change the cover image filter when the cursor is on the picture. now, if you go to the main shop page, you can see that the picture has a filter only when you are on the picture but not on the “add to cart” button. if you are on the add to cart button, the filter disappear. how to add this filter when the cursor are on the add to cart button as well?

3- when you are on a picture in the product miniature section, the “see more” button is more little than the “add to card” button.. is it possible to make both buttons equal?

4- this item is very important: the search does not work always. i mean, some times, i search for a product, like “genesis 250”, and some times the website returns no items and other times the web return the product. but that only in english. in spanish the search function never works. how to solve that?

5- about mail alerts, I reported that it does not work. I look for the solution you proposed and it does not work. So, if i send a mail text, it works, so i receive emails from the website, but not when customer make a checkout. so, I want to receive emails when customer make a checkout.

6- some products needs too be selled by groups. for example. there are some products that must be selled in groups by 2, or 3. So, customer only can choose, for example if group is 2, 2, 4, 6, 8 units... not 1 by 1... i hope i explain it well

in one week we have a presentation of our company in Paris and we would like to show the website finished. so, this questions are very important to be solved as soon as possible.

waiting for your reply



Marek 09 Jan 2019, 13:19

1. fixed
2. That is customisation what you have to do yourself, I can only suggest you to use following CSS:

.product-miniature .product-buttons {position: static;opacity: 1}

3. I see you have customised it, so just restore original theme files
4. Go to “Shop Parameteres” → “Search” and click “Re-build the entire index” 5. that is not related to the theme
6. But what is the question? I have no idea how to do that, try to read prestashop tutorials, that is not related to the theme

jou tarrat 12 Jan 2019, 13:59

about number 2,
this code is not what we want.
now, when the cursor is at the top of bottom on the product miniature, the background applies a filter. but when you are on the button, this filter dissapears. my question is if it is possible to apply the filter on the buttons as well.


Marek 18 Jan 2019, 23:00

As I can see you already customised that, and now asking me to change it.
Your code:

.cover-image:hover {
    filter: brightness(25%);


.product-miniature:hover .cover-image {
    filter: brightness(25%);
jou tarrat 21 Jan 2019, 22:11

that’s all solved