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  • Open Date: 10.01.19, 17:50
  • Opened by: Julien
  • Closed by: Marek
  • Closed on: 01.03.19, 16:11
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Ticket #13523 - Reference and options for products with Combinations

Dear Marek,

1. Reference for Products with combinations

When one selects a different option in the drop-down menu of a product with combination, the reference on the page is updated in the “Product Details” tab, but not at the top of the product page, between the price and the short description.
Example: https://www.bioseblab.com/en/temperature-probes/517-135-animal-rectal-probes.html If I select the “Mouse” option, the reference in the Product Details tab changes to “BIO-BRET-3-ISO” (which is correct), but the reference at the top of the page remains “BIO-BRET-2-ISO” (which is not). See attached screenshot for detail.

2. Multiple options for Products with combinations - Error 403

Errors 403 are generated for non-existing combinations of options.
Example (same page as above): https://www.bioseblab.com/en/temperature-probes/517-135-animal-rectal-probes.html If “Mouse” and “Isolated” are selected, and the customer then selects “Very small animals”, an error 403 is generated, because the combination of the two options does not exist. Is there any way to prevent this, or at least to customize the error message?
See second file attached for details.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help,

Best regards,



RefComboProducts.jpg (121.4 KiB)
Error403.jpg (85.8 KiB)


Marek 10 Jan 2019, 22:04

Hi, Julien.
1. There was a bug with Reference and we removed it from product page, because there is no update option in prestashop, if you want I’ll remove it for you as well
2. The error caused by “productextratabs” what is not a part of our theme

Julien 11 Jan 2019, 00:34

Dear Marek,

Thank you for the quick reply.

1. So basically, we can’t have the reference be updated at the top of the page, correct? But how come the reference in “Product details” can get updated, and not the one at the top of the page?
2. Alright, thank you, I’ll look into that module.



Marek 11 Jan 2019, 12:53

1. yes, exactly. When you change some options on product page prestashop regenerates and show some blocks. The block where you cn see product price doesn’t have reference by default and doesn’t regenerate it

Julien 11 Jan 2019, 13:29

Dear Marek,

Thanks for your reply.

But since the block with the reference in the “Product details” segment does get updated, there must be a way to duplicate it into the top section of the product page, no?

I’ll look into it...