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  • Closed on: 01.03.19, 16:17
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Ticket #13652 - Problem with page builider v5.0.4 error 500

I have updated the template and I have problems with page builder error 500 I have therefore reset the module now no longer appear profiles and does not allow me to create new ones if I try again error 500

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Marek (marek) 31 Jan 2019, 15:54

Hi, Francesco.
I’m not able to login to your back office to check out the issue

Francesco Pepoli (francescopepoli) 31 Jan 2019, 18:21

I sent you your username and password by email

Marek (marek) 01 Feb 2019, 11:54

Hi, Francesco.
you have two different domains with our theme. Themeforest rules allows to use one license for one domain only and support covers only one domain as well

Francesco Pepoli (francescopepoli) 01 Feb 2019, 13:53

Hi I bought three licenses each with a different number.

licenze.jpg (120.5 KiB)
Marek (marek) 01 Feb 2019, 13:55

Ok, no problem.
I’ll check the issue right now and back to you

Marek (marek) 01 Feb 2019, 13:58

Which store I have to select? http://take.ms/M7ONt

Francesco Pepoli (francescopepoli) 01 Feb 2019, 15:14

I use sub menu builder for all three sites I modified to not use it now I would like to restore it

Marek (marek) 01 Feb 2019, 15:15

So, don’t I have to do something with that, you just restore it?

Francesco Pepoli (francescopepoli) 01 Feb 2019, 15:46

It was created a sub menu builder produces errore 500

Marek (marek) 01 Feb 2019, 18:25

So, what I have to do?

Francesco Pepoli (francescopepoli) 01 Feb 2019, 18:35

run page builder if possible

Marek (marek) 01 Feb 2019, 18:36

Ok, I need access to module files through FTP

Francesco Pepoli (francescopepoli) 01 Feb 2019, 19:12

send acces ftp for email

Marek (marek) 01 Feb 2019, 19:13

Yes, I see, I’ll try and back to you as soon as possible

Francesco Pepoli (francescopepoli) 01 Feb 2019, 19:20


Francesco Pepoli (francescopepoli) 03 Feb 2019, 10:14

hello I solved the problem was the table ps_pagebuilderprofile was missing the is_amp field I recreated the table transferring the files of the new pagebuilder module

I keep you informed about developments in debug mode look at several errors.

Marek (marek) 03 Feb 2019, 10:15

I just noticed that it works. Thought that was a cache

Francesco Pepoli (francescopepoli) 03 Feb 2019, 10:49

hi, now submenu-builder works in back-end but if active page builder goes into error 500 in front with debugging it shows me ContextErrorException in Dispatcher.php line 828:

Marek (marek) 03 Feb 2019, 10:51

Give me a moment, I’ll check that out...

Francesco Pepoli (francescopepoli) 03 Feb 2019, 10:58

thank you I have to get away until 2 PM from the PC

Marek (marek) 03 Feb 2019, 11:25

I can’t find out the issue. I just added one sub menu and it works fine here: https://tangolerashoes.com/B2B/gb/#

Francesco Pepoli (francescopepoli) 03 Feb 2019, 18:37

I can not fix pagebuilider for menu can you recommend a mega-compatible menu module with your template?

Marek (marek) 03 Feb 2019, 18:47

But what is the problem? I just added a layout built with page builder to menu and all works fine

Francesco Pepoli (francescopepoli) 03 Feb 2019, 19:44

If active page builder in the other two stores PROMOSHOP and SHOP gives me error 500

Marek (marek) 03 Feb 2019, 19:44

please give me a link to see that

Marek (marek) 03 Feb 2019, 20:24

I see you have outdated theme version. Can you completely reinstall it? or you have it already configured and don’t want to lose your settings?

Francesco Pepoli (francescopepoli) 03 Feb 2019, 20:34

Unfortunately I’m afraid of losing the configuration maybe in a quieter time I make a backup and I try to reinstall the template locally to see if the problems are solved for the moment thanks

Marek (marek) 04 Feb 2019, 11:56

Hi, Francesco.
Do you have access to apache error logs to understand what’s the problem?

Francesco Pepoli (francescopepoli) 04 Feb 2019, 12:31

Unfortunately on cpanel does not give me any error, in the week I see a backup put on a test server and I try to reinstall the template. Do I have to delete modules folders using ftp then?

Francesco Pepoli (francescopepoli) 04 Feb 2019, 14:05

we have to stop the debugging tests of the site the customers call that they can not view, I transferred a copy on another server to do the test Thanks

Marek (marek) 04 Feb 2019, 14:07

Ok, let me know if you will need some help

Francesco Pepoli (francescopepoli) 04 Feb 2019, 14:17

Ok thank's

Marek (marek) 04 Feb 2019, 14:18

You are welcome