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Ticket #13692 - Problem with image preview image in sharing facebook post

Hi Marek, I have this problem:
when I try to share a post from my site in some cases preview image doesn’t appeare in post. Other cases work but some not. I try to change dimension and split from Fetured to thumbnail but it doesn’t fix the issue.

Please let me know if you know a solution, thank you


Alessandro Borsani 05 Feb 2019, 18:38

Ciao Marek,
I find now a solution!!! yeah...I want to share the solution:

When you make a new post on blog you have to set “thumbnail” like image to display when sharing by facebook. In the post you have to put cover image and featured image too. You have not to put image in a field where you write description but only featured image. After you switch on “use featured image” option in option post (under general option outside the post page in backend)

Marek 05 Feb 2019, 21:16

Great! Thank you for sharing the solution