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  • Closed on: 13.02.19, 10:42
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Ticket #13694 - Products images dimension


1. where can I change dimension of images in section “In the same category”? In backoffice I changed sizes but it didn’t work.

2. How can I build pages in AMP - product page, category page and other CMS?


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Marek (marek) 07 Feb 2019, 10:08

1. I’m not sure I clearly understand what do you want to do. Could you please show at a screenshot what do you want to get
2. There is no separated AMP builder fo inner pages. It just show existing pages in AMP Ready format

Damian (perpol) (perpol) 07 Feb 2019, 15:03

1. I forgot send files, sorry :) 2. But Can I change something for example in product page? Like delete “Product details” or add “Delivery time” etc.? Change the position of block?

Marek (marek) 08 Feb 2019, 10:53

1. So, you just want to have 4 columns instead of 3?
2. You can edit file /themes/alysum/templates/mobile/catalog/product.tpl to add or change something

Damian (perpol) (perpol) 08 Feb 2019, 22:30

1. Yes
2. Thanks :)

Marek (marek) 09 Feb 2019, 10:24

1. That is not related to images dimensions. You have to go to settings of a widget what shows your products and configure it to display 4 products per row

Damian (perpol) (perpol) 13 Feb 2019, 08:18

Thanks :)