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  • Priority: Medium
  • Status: Closed
  • Closed by: Marek (marek)
  • Closed on: 22.02.19, 17:54
  • Reason: Closed
  • Comment: Glad to help!

Ticket #13749 - AMP version arrow caroussel

i use the widget categories carousel on AMP and the carousel arrow i disappeared after 5 second. Also the category images displayed are not proportional to the hole layout. Please how to make those images bigger?

Image-1.jpg (72.9 KiB)

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Marek (marek) 15 Feb 2019, 12:38

Hi, caravntrader.
I’m not able to connect to your server to make a fix

caravntrader (kunterbunt) 15 Feb 2019, 13:27

please recheck

Marek (marek) 17 Feb 2019, 19:44

Please give me a path to the theme, I can’t find that myself

caravntrader (kunterbunt) 18 Feb 2019, 23:59

May you tell me the fix and i will do it by myself.

Marek (marek) 19 Feb 2019, 00:02
caravntrader (kunterbunt) 20 Feb 2019, 10:45

Add the fix, but did not help.
Category images still small and the arrow disappeared after while.
here is the path to the file —→ /httpdocs / prestashop / themes / alysum / templates / mobile / catalog / product.tpl

IMG_8205.JPG (69.5 KiB)
Marek (marek) 20 Feb 2019, 16:15

Have you tried to clear prestashop cache?

caravntrader (kunterbunt) 20 Feb 2019, 16:54


Marek (marek) 20 Feb 2019, 17:03

for me all modifications works fine, arrows always shows on product page and category looks fine on homepage

caravntrader (kunterbunt) 20 Feb 2019, 17:08

Screenshot? it’s all about homepage, no problem with product page
On iPhone and iPad didn’t work for me.

Marek (marek) 20 Feb 2019, 17:17

Modified file is /httpdocs/prestashop/modules/pspagebuilder/views/templates/front/widgets/widget_ampcategoriesinfo.tpl

caravntrader (kunterbunt) 20 Feb 2019, 17:37

Alright, thank you:) Is there a way to make the category image bigger?

Marek (marek) 21 Feb 2019, 11:12

you have to change category image dimensions in the Image Settings and regenerate categories images

caravntrader (kunterbunt) 21 Feb 2019, 18:15

Actually i have the recommended 500×600px on Category_default, still not work.

Marek (marek) 22 Feb 2019, 12:20

but it looks ok now

caravntrader (kunterbunt) 22 Feb 2019, 14:58

but not for me!

Image-1.jpg (162.1 KiB)
Marek (marek) 22 Feb 2019, 15:01

I just test it out on iOS and Android platforms and both shows the image correctly

caravntrader (kunterbunt) 22 Feb 2019, 15:22

i tested on iPhone, iPad and Samsung smartphone. All wasn’t good!
The carousel arrows didn’t work on iPad. The arrows link to the category page by touching.

Marek (marek) 22 Feb 2019, 15:44
caravntrader (kunterbunt) 22 Feb 2019, 15:56

Sorry, but i check it on tree devices iphone, ipad and Samsung! You make a test on your desktop and not under real situation.
Please test the issue on mobil devices first.

Marek (marek) 22 Feb 2019, 15:57

That is a screencast from iPhone

Marek (marek) 22 Feb 2019, 15:58

See the top bar on the video where you can see my operator title

caravntrader (kunterbunt) 22 Feb 2019, 16:30

Very strange.
Maybe you double check on another device?

On iPhone

Marek (marek) 22 Feb 2019, 16:39

Maybe you have to clean browser’s cache. Here is another video from android device

caravntrader (kunterbunt) 22 Feb 2019, 17:34

Very strange.
Maybe you double check on another device?

On iPhone

caravntrader (kunterbunt) 22 Feb 2019, 17:42

It was the cache. Thank you for your patience.

Marek (marek) 22 Feb 2019, 17:54

No problem, you are welcome