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Ticket #14232 - Size guide not working and list of products on two columns on AMP version

Hi, I have two problems with the AMP version:

1) the size guide does not work on AMP; I click on the button, try to open a pop up but nothing will open and it will freeze.

2) I would like to know if on the AMP version and it is possible to put the products on two columns in the lists of the categories, as in the desktop version, because thus it becomes too long for the customer to browse all the products one by one.
I await your news, thanks

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Marek (marek) 10 Apr 2019, 21:58

1. Make sure you have all configured correctly. As you can see our demo works fine
2. For now there is no such option, but it's in our TODO list to implement it as soon as possible

davide parrotto (Trendek) 11 Apr 2019, 08:18

ok thanks I'll try to recheck the configuration of the module. I would also like to ask you something else about the "apply attribute" button on the product page. It is not intuitive for customers to have to click first on the size and then on that button to confirm it, if you could enter the same mode as the desktop version to choose the size by clicking directly on the desired one. because in this way we only put confusion in our customers and risk losing them. thank you

Marek (marek) 11 Apr 2019, 08:49

Yes, I know, but there is no another solution for now, but we will try to do something with that

davide parrotto (Trendek) 11 Apr 2019, 09:38

thank you, I look forward to new solutions for these problems