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Ticket #14496 - Categories page, product pages and store + collection pages not showing on AMP version

I activated the AMP version but now when I navigate, I do not see any product in any category nor the “stores” (https://psophia.com/gb/stores) or “collection” page (https://psophia.com/gb/content/12-collection)....
Why have they disapeared? how can I make them show??

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Marek (marek) 11 May 2019, 14:06

Hi, Virginia. Please check out these suggestions first http://alysum5.promokit.eu/promokit/documentation/amp/troubleshooting.html

Virginia (Psophia) 12 May 2019, 00:08

Thank you Marek.
I´ve been double checking everything and the things listed on the troubleshooting section are ok. However, I´ve been reading the rest of the guide and watching the videos, and I´m missing things that dont appear neither in the backoffice nor in the ftp...
For example, I´ve got the module, but it cannot be configured:
https://www.screencast.com/t/75EzmiEG I do not have the AMP settings nor AMP Homepage links under the links widget:
https://screencast.com/t/0UYqFpuj6 On the server I do not have the /modules/pk_amp/ on the theme folder:
https://screencast.com/t/d8vHUfGp9U https://screencast.com/t/SMoxsiUs It appears only here, and permissions are correct:

Why am I missing those thigns? Its like it doesnt work because something is missing in the module...

Marek (marek) 12 May 2019, 17:44

Why am I missing those thigns? - because you have theme version 5.3.2. Latest theme version is 5.3.6
Try to update your theme and don’t forget to make a backup before

Virginia (Psophia) 14 May 2019, 00:25

Hello Marek,
I´ve updated the theme but still something is wrong
The categories page does not load, AMP page is only forced in the home page and I dont get the links under “link widget” :( https://screencast.com/t/da286Byz1e1 https://psophia.com/es/category/12-pantalones

image1.png (162.8 KiB)
Marek (marek) 14 May 2019, 10:23

I have reset AMP module, because there was added a lot of options and it’s necessary to make initial save procedure.
Another thing you have to do is to remove/rename the file /config/themes/alysum/shop1.json. That is a theme config and It will automatically regenerated

Virginia (Psophia) 16 May 2019, 07:46

How do I make the initial save procedure? Appart from removing the file, I dont know what I have to do to make it work...

Marek (marek) 16 May 2019, 11:56

I already did initial save. Now you have to do what I suggested you in previous comment

Virginia (Psophia) 18 May 2019, 11:37

Hello Marek,
I renamed the file /config/themes/alysum/shop1.json and still doesnt work :( Please, how do I fix it??

Marek (marek) 19 May 2019, 09:40

But all works fine for me, what’s the problem now?

Virginia (Psophia) 19 May 2019, 21:53

The burguer menu doesnt load https://www.screencast.com/t/BgjcQNsu3Urd, all products in the category page appear as “out os stock” even when none of them is out of stock and product page doesn´t load, I get a server error https://www.screencast.com/t/n70vNHLwQ1 On the backoffice, I do not see the amp settings links either: https://www.screencast.com/t/lsn9gw1x

Marek (marek) 20 May 2019, 11:32

Hi, Virginia.
I just updated AMP module. Try to uninstall and install it back

Virginia (Psophia) 20 May 2019, 21:43

Where do I get the AMP module to install it again if I uninstall it? It came with the theme, I dod not install it, just configured it...

Marek (marek) 20 May 2019, 21:59

Go to modules, find AMP, then uninstall and install it back

Virginia (Psophia) 20 May 2019, 22:17

Thats the point, I cannot install it back! https://www.screencast.com/t/AmQj0LjjNNk I´ve uninstalled it and it has dissapeared! how do I get the Promokit AMP module to install it back?

Virginia (Psophia) 20 May 2019, 23:29

I think I found it, it seems like its working now :)

Virginia (Psophia) 20 May 2019, 23:38

Why does this “apply attributes” appear and how do I take it out? https://www.screencast.com/t/GfTVMRV06 I do not find it in the documentation and it is not an option on the product page (amp)....

Marek (marek) 21 May 2019, 09:57

You have to click “Apply Attributes” you changed product attribute