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Ticket #14789 - Homepage Blurry Product Images

Hi, when i upload my product image it looks ok in product detail but looks blurry in home page.
I tried all verisons of it like : 1500 * 1950 or 1000*1300 or custom other smaller or bigger.. everything i tried.. nothing made change view..
also i asked my ratio to my server ( godaddy) They said no it doesn’t depends on it. Your acount is enough.
How can i solve this?
here is the link: www.myraang.com Thanks


detail.png (455.4 KiB)


Marek 08 Jun 2019, 11:31

Open the file
find the line

{assign var="type" value='home_default'}

replace with

{assign var="type" value='large_default'}
tugba celik 08 Jun 2019, 15:51

Thank you, but it only changes the frame of image not resolution. So,by the way pictures don’t have to look that big.
it’s enough for me to seen like in the attach.. how can I show it this way on homepage?
Looks better at this rate.


prefer.png (598.3 KiB)
tugba celik 09 Jun 2019, 07:30

Ok.. I found the solution to make small images on homepage:pagebu─▒lder- product list modul- widget setting - display to normal ( not carousel) and changed widget forms limit 4 or 6
and i changed the image resolution from Design - Picture Settings - click yes “Enable to improve the appearance of your pictures on high-resolution displays.” Now its better but not perfect...

Marek 09 Jun 2019, 11:48

So, you just wanted to display 4 products per row in carousel mode?

tugba celik 10 Jun 2019, 20:48

Does not important carousel or normal.. The important thing was that we could use big pictures. But resolution is more important than all. It’s better to stay in this shape.

Marek 10 Jun 2019, 21:41

But I gave you a way to change image resolution in my first comment

tugba celik 11 Jun 2019, 22:17

I know i tried it but it doesnt change anything.. I replied to your comment: “Thank you, but it only changes the frame of image not resolution.”

Marek 11 Jun 2019, 22:37

Sorry, but I don’t understand what do you want to do. Could you please show me at the screenshot?

tugba celik 15 Jun 2019, 20:41

Hi okay. I want to ask someth─▒ng different.
Can I get service from you for customizations?
I mean, if I told you what I wanted with images, would you do it?
Because there are a lot of things I can’t do and I don’t want to waste too much time. If you are providing service, can I ask for the fee?

Marek 17 Jun 2019, 16:40

Just show me at a screenshot what you want to get and I’ll help you with configuration

tugba celik 18 Jun 2019, 00:23

Well..I dont need the carousel problem anymore.. Thanks I need help with other problems..
This is secreenshot, if needed i can open new ticket title for this.


category-listing-leftside.jpg (160.5 KiB)
Marek 18 Jun 2019, 13:26

That is Faceted Search module. Make sure it’s installed and enabled. That is not an issue of the theme