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Ticket #14841 - Contact page - remove sidebar


How do i remove the entire left column / sidebar on the contact page?
Do i edit a TPL or is there a setting in the backend?


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Marek (marek) 14 Jun 2019, 10:17
johnjohn (johnjohn) 14 Jun 2019, 10:17

Also, how to edit the 4 columns underneath with “OUR LOCATION, CONTACT DETAILS, CONTACT US, 24/H CUSTOMER SERVICE”

johnjohn (johnjohn) 14 Jun 2019, 10:22

The links you sent do not correspond with my questions
Can’t find the solution in the FAQ

Marek (marek) 14 Jun 2019, 14:55

1. Go to “Design” → “Themes & Logo”. Click on “Choose Layouts”, find a necessary page and choose desired layout
2. Go to “Shop Parameters” → “Contact”. There are two tabs available, “Contacts” and “Stores”. Go to “Stores” tab and find all available contact details.

johnjohn (johnjohn) 14 Jun 2019, 15:06

Thank you, but for point 2, i would like to remove those 4 columns instead

Marek (marek) 14 Jun 2019, 15:37

Try this CSS:

.contact-page-footer {display:none}
johnjohn (johnjohn) 14 Jun 2019, 15:55

Thank you

Marek (marek) 14 Jun 2019, 15:55

You are welcome