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  • Priority: Medium
  • Status: Closed
  • Closed by: Marek (marek)
  • Closed on: 01.08.19, 13:19
  • Reason: Closed
  • Comment: Glad to help!

Ticket #15083 - stripe

Hi Marek,

after the update, the Stripe module doesn’t appear anymore.

Best regards,

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Marek (marek) 14 Jul 2019, 20:22

Hi, Luca.
Please make sure the module is configured correctly. We have nothing changed in related to checkout page

Luca Siesser (lsiesser) 15 Jul 2019, 16:37

Hi Marek,

I solved with Stripe module suppor on Desktop, I’m trying to do the same on AMP


Marek (marek) 15 Jul 2019, 22:47

do you need help with AMP?

Luca Siesser (lsiesser) 16 Jul 2019, 10:55

yess... the problem looks to be here, please, kindly find the attached image

Luca Siesser (lsiesser) 16 Jul 2019, 10:56

the module I’m using is the official one from Stripe, on AMP the problem looks be related to JS, please, see attached

Marek (marek) 16 Jul 2019, 12:33

I have found a reason. We have make AMP compatible with previous Stripe version, and after update all is broken again. Could you please enable Stripe to let me work on that

Luca Siesser (lsiesser) 16 Jul 2019, 16:11

Hi Marek,

Stripe is enabled and works well on desktop version.
Please, see attached.


Marek (marek) 17 Jul 2019, 12:18

Yes, I see.
Keep working on that...

Luca Siesser (lsiesser) 17 Jul 2019, 17:30

Hi Marek,

feel free to put the website in Maintenance Mode, if you need


Marek (marek) 17 Jul 2019, 17:32

Ok, thank you

Marek (marek) 17 Jul 2019, 17:53

Please test it out now

Luca Siesser (lsiesser) 17 Jul 2019, 17:54

Hi Marek,

I test immediately


Luca Siesser (lsiesser) 17 Jul 2019, 17:57

Hi Marek,

when I click on the products I ‘ve this error
Can I stop debug mode to test Stripe or you need it?


Marek (marek) 17 Jul 2019, 17:58

Yes, you can disable Debug

Luca Siesser (lsiesser) 17 Jul 2019, 18:01

HI Marek,

I did.. but I cannot add products to cart anymore..


Marek (marek) 17 Jul 2019, 18:05

Please try now, it works for me

Luca Siesser (lsiesser) 17 Jul 2019, 18:10

Hi Marek,

now it works.. I do some more tests but it works
Thank you very much


Marek (marek) 17 Jul 2019, 18:11

You are welcome