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Ticket #15319 - Several issues after updated

I’ve updated Alysum theme version to the last one and I’ve found several bugs. Would you help me, please?. I attach a document with screenshots:

1. When I search for updates the theme tells me: Error failed to get update.
2. After updated the theme, some home page widgets was uncofigured. I tried adding a new widget but the result is the same.
3. Instagram widget doesn’t work: it happends frecuently, what can I do?.
4. Also, wich are the addition class used to make owner style for the widget I can write?. I always use “wide” class, but I would like to know the available options.
5. Although display product rating feature is enabled and several product are rated and comments, stars disappeared after the updated. How can I show stars and commets?.
6. Also, on the product page after updated it shows the product reference. How can I disable this data?.
7. Error 500 with Stripe payment: when someone does a payment with Stripe, the transaction it’s OK in the management of transaction of Stripe, but the user receive a 500 error instead off the confirmation URL.

I’ve been in contact with them and they tell me it’s a redirection theme error. I really need to fix this issue, it’s the most important of all.

Also, credit card number form is missing in amp navigation and logos are too much big.

8. Infite scroll doesn’t work: I’ve configurated 10 items per page and, when I enable this module. How can I configurate it?.
9. Where is Category page builder feature?, I just see the same options that always.
10. Where is the MailAlerts module for product page to amp navigation?, I can’t see it in the list of theme modules. Does the desktop version also have it?.
11. A)How can I align this texts to left?. I can do it with short description text but another text also align to left and I don’t want it. Example URL:

B) Also, I configured this widget to 3 columns and you can see 4 columns. I think it’s the same that point number 2.

12. Although Facebook connect feature is enabled, I can’t see a button to log in with Facebook. How can I configure this?.
13. I configured the Facebook Messenger module with an specific hexadecimal color, but on several pages it’s chages the language into English and shows the original color. For example: 14. Would you tell me where can I change the translation for these cart texts, please?. I can’t find these texts specifically.
15. On the checkout page, it’s shows taxes twice.
16. A) On amp navigation, some price product shows too much decimals, and the description text shows cut.


B) Is it possible adding a discount coupon code on the second image (my cart)?. So I could avoid the third image. Also, where can I change this text?.

This ticket does not depend on any other tickets.

Marek (marek) 12 Aug 2019, 11:02

1. Will be fixed in the next update
2. I need more details
3. Maybe it’s a cache issue, for me it works fine
4. There is no more available options. You can add you own class and define it in the Customer CSS 5. We are working on update for Product Comment module
6. Hide Reference code:

.sys-info-section .sys-info:last-child {display:none}

7. Do you have some “demo” card to make a test?
8. There is no more “Infinite scroll” option. We are looking for another module what will add this feature because the current one had too much problems
9. Go to Theme Settings → Category page and select your layout
10. I have no idea, that is not our module
11. you can alight text with Custom CSS. Use Developer Tools of your browser to find out necessary class
12. Make sure it’s configured correctly, Check out “parent element” option
13. We will check it out in the next update
14. What text do you need to translate
15. Fixed
16A. You seem to have some specific price settings, because even your back office shows such format

16B. We will add that to our TODO list

laura (lauragt) 12 Aug 2019, 13:12

Hi Marek,

1. OK, in the next update
2. Fixed
3. Fixed
4. OK, I will take a look
5. ?
6. Fixed
7. I will find a demo card to make a test. Would you check the logos please?. The attached file has screenshots about this.
8. OK, I will configure this with 100 items per page by now
9. OK thank you
10. At in the Alysum Version 5.3.7, improvements section / amp: "Added MailAlerts module for Product Page"
11. I tried it but I can't. Would you check the B issue please?
12. I've checked the Facebook connect module and it's OK, I attach a screenshot
13. OK, in the next update
14. In the attached file I add a screenshot
15. Fixed
16A. I will check it
16B. Ok thank you. Where can I traslate the text of these buttons?


17. Now it shows a filter column align to left, I need this column hide
18. How can I configure the countdown deal?, I would like to shows something like this: and this 19. How can I manage best sellers products? Is it a category or how can I do to show the label with this text?
20. Cutom tabs on product page doesn't work fine. When I insert text for the first time it's OK, but when I update that text doesn't work.

1.png (133.1 KiB)
2.png (47.9 KiB)
Marek (marek) 13 Aug 2019, 12:55

5. Prestashop released new comments module, and we are working on theme update to make it compatible
7. brands carousel works fine for me
10. Mailalerts is a module built by prestashop team. we just make AMP compatible with it
11. I see 3 products in carousel there
12. No, it's not configured properly

16b. read here about translation

17. read here about managing columns

18. Go to product and add an offer with a time limit
19. There is no way to manage it
20. Try to reinstall the module

laura (lauragt) 15 Aug 2019, 14:32

Hi Marek,

5. Ok, in another update
7. Payment with Stripe works fine now from desktop. But in amp version, there is no option to write a credit card number in the form page. I attach a screenshot. Also, there are 2 Facebook Messenger chats.
10. Ok, I installed and configure it. But in desktop version the new button shown cut, and in amp version I can't see the new button. I attach a screenshot (product url:
11. Fixed.
12. I've configured correctly but now, it's say that I haven't permisions to configure this module. Would you help me please? I can't see the Facebook sign in button.
14. I've read the documentation but I would like to change the translation of several text from the cart but I can't find them. Would you tell me where are them?. I attach screenshot.
17. Fixed, thank you.
18. I've configured an offer with a time limit in the id product 64 ( but I can't see the the countdown deal. I've configured the Daily deal module with this ID, but I see the offer as usually. Also, I would like to configure the slider like this ( where can I configure this slide?, is it on Revolition Slider?.
19. Then, How can I add labels into a products? New, out of stock, etc.
20. I tried it, but it doesn't work. Would you help me, please?. I would like to write the ingredients texto into a products.

10.jpg (114.3 KiB)
11.png (35.3 KiB)
12.jpg (129.1 KiB)
13.png (21.8 KiB)
Marek (marek) 16 Aug 2019, 16:28

7. Fixed
10. fixed
12. Fixed. Use only "Facebook Bundle" module
14. Have you tried to search? ...