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Ticket #15788 - SEO ALT and title on image to the site (SEO Meta)

Hi Marek,

I am working for SEO on the site and I have some questions:

I would like to put personalised Alt and Title on image from revolution slider and for all images managed by the widget on the homepage, How to do that?

I would like also added Title on the website Logo, How to do that? and also on the flag for language



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Marek (marek) 05 Oct 2019, 09:58

you have to edit theme's code, there is no such option through back office

dominique matonnier (mistermarti) 05 Oct 2019, 10:08

Hi Marek,

I have to open each TPL to add manually the alt and title? but the homepage is managed by widget? where I need to search the right code? can you tell me where I can search?

Marek (marek) 05 Oct 2019, 17:20

You can change attributes for logo in the file /themes/alysum/templates/_partials/logo.tpl

As for images, if you want to add specific attributes for uploaded image, there is no way to do that, but we can add this option. I only need to know which widget do you use

dominique matonnier (mistermarti) 05 Oct 2019, 17:50

Ok thanks Marek, here below the widgets we are using in our site:

Widget Banner
Single Image
Product list
ps language selector

Concerning revolution slider we put ALT and TITLE but there is only teh ALT who appears

I have also a strange behavior concerning some images who appears when I check the SEO, please see the image002.jpg attached the grey image seems to come from alysum template
the second image is a question if we can have the langague selector not in drop down list but with the 3 flag aligne and visible like the image001.jpg attached.


dominique matonnier (mistermarti) 05 Oct 2019, 17:51


image001.jpg (23.3 KiB)
Marek (marek) 06 Oct 2019, 10:29

I just added attributes option for the banner widget https://take.ms/IB2ba

dominique matonnier (mistermarti) 07 Oct 2019, 09:12

Hi Marek,

Thanks to added attribut to the banner widget, I made test but the alt and title are not filled in the source page:

the result is no title and no alt.

See image attached.

Marek (marek) 08 Oct 2019, 23:16

do you have some additional cache enabled? Because all works fine in my installation, but not in your's

dominique matonnier (mistermarti) 09 Oct 2019, 10:16


No, I didn't put any cache on BO


Marek (marek) 10 Oct 2019, 21:11

if I edit the file /sof/modules/pspagebuilder/classes/widget/banner.php I don't see any changes in the front page. So it looks like a cache issue. I have test out that file in our localhost and all works fine

dominique matonnier (mistermarti) 11 Oct 2019, 09:37

Hi Marek,

Yesterday evening I deleted the cache from /sof/var/cache: Dev and Prod and the issue is the same here below is the code from page source:

begin module:pspagebuilder/views/templates/front/widgets/widget_banner.tpl –>
<!– begin /home/giusypopub/sof/modules/pspagebuilder/views/templates/front/widgets/widget_banner.tpl –>
<div class="widget-images relative block relative banner-03 block-borderbox title_left">

	<div class="widget-inner block_content clearfix text-left justify-content-left">
	<div class="banner-content">
  	<a href="/fr/lit-chien-chat-et-accessoires/20-98-housse-de-rechange-du-canape-armonia#/" class="pts-popup fancybox db" title="">
			<img src="/modules/pspagebuilder/views/img/accessoire-luxe-chien-chat.jpg" alt="" width="100" height="100" alt="" alt="">

Please see attached PDF Thanks

Marek (marek) 16 Oct 2019, 13:10

Here are two files which works correctly for us. Please upload them to your server

dominique matonnier (mistermarti) 16 Oct 2019, 16:49

Hi Marek,

It's works well now thanks. You said please tell me which widgets you want to add these attributs, here is the list where I want to add attributes:
Widget-Banner —> Done
Single Image
Product list
ps language selector

I have another question I have in the home page html code 2 stranges link for images who doesn't existe in the site:(<img

src="https://via.placeholder.com/353x199")see html code below


alt="Plaid pour lit pour chien Giusypop"
class="smooth05 cover-image b-lazy"
data-full-size-image-url="https://www.sof.giusypop.fr/8106-large_default/plaid-protection-coussin.jpg">                                                                              <img
alt="Lit chien design & confort"
class="smooth05 cover-image b-lazy"
data-full-size-image-url="https://www.sof.giusypop.fr/9106-large_default/plaid-protection-coussin.jpg">                                        </a>



Marek (marek) 16 Oct 2019, 21:14

There is no sense to add that for "Product list" and "ps language selector", you can change attributes directly in the code