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Ticket #15829 - Facebook tools dosen't work

Hello. We have configured the app id and the page number to use your tools: DISCUSS - LOG IN - COMMENTS but nothing works. Finally, if for a moment the COMMENTS tool worked but not anymore. We also try to insert the Facebook SDK for JavaScript right after the body tag, but the site crashes and displays a blank page. Thank you for helping us please. Best regards.



Marek (marek) 09 Oct 2019, 19:06

That was not our issue. I just removed your custom JS code and all works fine now

Max Max (Litoko) 09 Oct 2019, 19:18

Hi Marek.
Thanks for back.
We have already remove custome JS from code !!!
What modification have you make ?

So login work well, but not messenger or product comments.
Why ?

Thanks Marek.

Marek (marek) 09 Oct 2019, 20:45

You missed to add parent element class in the module settings for Facebook Login. As for messenger, make sure you API keys are correct and your website is in the white list in your Facebook account settings

Max Max (Litoko) 09 Oct 2019, 20:55

Yes we have follow all of instructions, that's very strange.
Have you personnal documentation ?
Thanks Marek.

Marek (marek) 09 Oct 2019, 23:20

Please check out official Facebook documentation https://developers.facebook.com/docs/apps/security/#whitelist-ips

Max Max (Litoko) 10 Oct 2019, 07:58

OK Mate we will try today.