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Ticket #16084 - AMP field arguments

Hi MArek,

i do have a problem with AMP.

On my computer when someone register with this link
appears a message : “Usted ha sido apadrinado” : https://naiscosmetica.com/module/pk_amp/login?create_account=1?s=2930605. This message comes from “All In ONe” module.

En AMP / or with a cell it doesn´t work.

Do you have any clue?



Marek 06 Nov 2019, 11:52

you can't use any module in AMP.

Jean-Gabriel Vernet 06 Nov 2019, 18:58

Hi Marek,
i do use modules en AMP. All in one message for exemple.
This is not the problem i think.

Jean-Gabriel Vernet 06 Nov 2019, 19:06

On PC it works on Chrome but it doesn´t work with Edge so problem isn´t just AMP.

Marek 07 Nov 2019, 15:22

Seems I do not understand the problem. I just tried to register an it just works for me with no problems