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Ticket #16414 - SEO mobile

Hello Guys,
i have a question about seo,
currently i only have my mobile page referenced on google but i wish it to be the desktop page
Do you have an idea ?



Fred 10 Dec 2019, 11:23

Hi, Thomas.
You have enabled AMP for your theme. Google gives higher priority for AMP pages, and that's why you have mobile page referenced on google.
You can try to disable AMP, or search how to change the priority on Google

Thomas BELLANGER 16 Dec 2019, 20:37
Thomas BELLANGER 17 Dec 2019, 09:48

Hello Fred,
did you update the theme?
I have some custom modifications that have disappeared

Fred 17 Dec 2019, 10:20

Hi, Thomas.
I didn't touch anything on your server

Thomas BELLANGER 17 Dec 2019, 10:25

ok thx !

Fred 17 Dec 2019, 11:11

Wait, I see you have many tickets, so maybe I have updated AMP in one of them. but you can find a backup in the "pk_amp-" and "mobile-" folders