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Hello, I’m starting to get angry, because I bought your theme and I keep contacting support and no one can solve my problem,

I WANT TO SIMPLY adapt my site for the mobile version, I don’t know how to use CSS and when I go to my site with a mobile, I have the SLIDER REVOLUTION which is not at all responsive as in the following image


IMG_6222.jpg (317.2 KiB)


Fred (fred) 30 Dec 2019, 21:09

Hi, Rudy.
As I remember, I have asked you to remove the layer with a text and create a new one, have you tried my advice?

Fred (fred) 02 Jan 2020, 09:49

Hey, Ruby.
Have you tried a solution I gave you?

Rudy TORDJMAN (Webcession) 06 Jan 2020, 13:45

hello and thank you for your help, how do i remove the layer?

Fred (fred) 06 Jan 2020, 13:50

Do you want to adjust this text? https://take.ms/MDJQo

Rudy TORDJMAN (Webcession) 06 Jan 2020, 13:51

the button is way too big for example, I don't know I think it's not pretty on both sliders

Fred (fred) 06 Jan 2020, 13:54

I have reduced button size for you https://take.ms/OH2ic