Ticket #16684 - Js errors after upgrading to 5.3.9

We have Alysum theme on deflorian.ro (website folder is /florian). Until today we used version 5.2.4 with prestashop

Today we upgraded prestashop to and then upgraded Alysum to 5.3.9. I did the theme upgrade one by one: 5.2.5, 5.3.0 ... 5.3.9. I did some quick testing after each upgrade but I noticed only at the end that some things are not working.

1. There is a js error:

commonscripts.min.js:1 Uncaught TypeError: $.cookie is not a function at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (commonscripts.min.js:1)

2. Probably related to first problem:pk_products carousel is not working (looking weird and no sliding arrows)

I don’t know how to fix them. Could you please help? If needed, the site could be put in maintanence mode



Fred (fred) 27 Jan 2020, 09:46

Hi, Ioana.
Sorry for the delay.
Your website is unavailable for me

Ioana Zgiia (deflorian) 27 Jan 2020, 09:57

The website is listed in the second licence item: http://deflorian.ro. The site is loading fine for me.

Fred (fred) 27 Jan 2020, 10:02

Sorry, I missed that, now I see

Fred (fred) 27 Jan 2020, 10:17

Do you use some cache? I have added a fi to the file /themes/alysum/assets/js/alysum.js but don't see any changes through browser http://deflorian.ro/themes/alysum/assets/js/alysum.js

Ioana Zgiia (deflorian) 27 Jan 2020, 10:20

As far as I know, no cache is used. Did you upload the files in /florian folder? That is the root folder of deflorian.ro

Fred (fred) 27 Jan 2020, 10:47

yes, right.
Now the issue has to be fixed, please test it out

Ioana Zgiia (deflorian) 27 Jan 2020, 11:01

No js errors anymore, but the carousel is not looking very good. I attached a screenshot.


screen.png (908.6 KiB)
Fred (fred) 27 Jan 2020, 11:05

I suppose that's because of outdated module pk_products.
There is a new tool Page Builder available now in the theme, you can consider you use it, it will let you build your pages easier. If you need an assistance in configuration, just let me know

Ioana Zgiia (deflorian) 27 Jan 2020, 11:53

Yes, I need assistance for configuration. Can you tell me where I can find this Page Builder tool and how to use it? Do you have some documentation on this? I only need to make this carousel work as it did before.

Fred (fred) 27 Jan 2020, 12:29

There is some limit for file uploading.
I need to upload Page builder module files but get an error

Error:        	Could not connect to server
Response: 	421 Too many connections (8) from this IP
Ioana Zgiia (deflorian) 27 Jan 2020, 14:16

Could you please retry now?

Fred (fred) 27 Jan 2020, 15:44

Your server works incredibly slow but I have finally uploaded the module. Now I'm not able to open the back office http://deflorian.ro/admin288mxbq0b

Could you please check out the link?

Ioana Zgiia (deflorian) 27 Jan 2020, 15:49

Hmm, it works fine for me (both admin and public pages). The only thing that is slow is when I add a product to basket

Fred (fred) 27 Jan 2020, 16:15

Ok, Page builder is installed now.
Go to Theme Settings → Home, and enable Page builder. Then go to Page builder and configure your layout

Ioana Zgiia (deflorian) 30 Jan 2020, 09:27


I am testing page builder on a test subdomain. Thanks. I will come back with questions about that.

Now I have noticed some erros in backoffice admin of the prestashop. The customer details are not working, in returns an erros 500 Internal Server Error. It happens when I go to customer details under Customers tab on the left menu, and also when I want to see full details about a customer in the order details. Also, in the order details I don't see the phone no. of the customer, which was there before we upgraded the theme and prestashop version.

Thank you.


error500.jpg (95.7 KiB)
Fred (fred) 30 Jan 2020, 10:21

Hi, Ioana.
Back office issues are not related to the theme.
To find out what's wrong there, you have to enable Debug Mode, it will let you see detailed error messages