Ticket #16712 - Modules not working in Page Builder

Hi, I am trying out the Page Builder on my test version, test.deflorian.ro. As far as I can see, there are some modules that are not working properly, or not working at all when I include them in Page Builder.
Here is a list of my problems:
- pk_categories are not showing at all
- testimonials has another image set in the bo, but on front end is the one form the template
- xpertBlog is not working at all
- when I try to include modules, not all modules are present in the dropdown

How can I make them work?



Fred (fred) 31 Jan 2020, 11:58

Hi, Ioanna
1. Please make sure the module is configured correctly http://alysum5.promokit.eu/promokit/documentation/#faq7

2. I suppose that is a cache issue, try to clear Prestashop and browser's caches
3. xpertBlog - is not our module
4. because a module has to support prestashop "widgets" feature

Ioana Zgiia (deflorian) 31 Jan 2020, 16:31

Hi Fred,

1. The module was pk_categories, not the category-tree. It seems it does'n support presta widget, so I am trying to use the Category Tab Widget, which I don't think is working properly, it should be a carousel with images and links to the category, but you can see on my test it is not ok.

2. I cleared cache in prestashop, cleared chache in chrome, tested it with firefox and edge, but nothing happens.

3. Do you know why xpertBlog is not working in this case? Do I have to use another blog module? Can you recomend something?

Fred (fred) 01 Feb 2020, 11:58

1. we removed pk_categories module long time ago and do not support it. Try to use category-tree module instead
2. I need access to your back office to check out testimonials settings
3. We recommend to use "Simple Blog" module which is available in the latest theme version.