Ticket #16719 - AMP checkout page does not working

Hi, amp checkout page does not working. Can you please fix that.

Have a nice working.



Fred (fred) 03 Feb 2020, 11:49

Unfortunately AMP is not yet compatible with new Prestashop Checkout module. We are looking for a solution. What module version do you use?

Aytaç Göller (aytacgoller) 03 Feb 2020, 15:10

I had same issue before and you fixed that. Maybe i could not tell my problem properly. Can you please check that ticket (Ticket #16646)

Thank you

Aytaç Göller (aytacgoller) 04 Feb 2020, 11:21

Hi, could you check that?

Fred (fred) 04 Feb 2020, 11:42

I'll try now to find a solution in your prestashop, because I'n not able to configure ps_checkout locally

Fred (fred) 04 Feb 2020, 12:05

Could you please test it out now